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Julie Delgado

I am a mom of two lively little boys. I live outside of Washington, DC. I love home decor and creating spaces that are functional and speak to the personalities of our family. We love traditional looks with modern functions.

Maxwell’s Chuggington First Birthday Party

We chose a Chuggington First Birthday Party theme for our son, Maxwell. He loves the show on Disney. My husband and I also work in the building industry so we watch as well! The colors are so bright and fun, we just had a blast putting the party together. The cake was my favorite item and I was sad to cut into it but it was as delicious as it was cute. My mom ordered the overalls from an Etsy shop and everyone loved seeing Maxwell dressed to impress. We made a lot of the table decor and the backdrop for the tablescape ourselves. Had such a great time. Can’t wait for 2!!

Maxwell’s Equestrian Nursery

My husband and I wanted to do a nursery theme that was not only different, but would grow with our son through the years. We love moldings and traditional decor, so we let that guide us initially and when the idea to do an equestrian nursery came to us we knew instantly it was a hit.
I grew up riding horses, so on a trip to my parents house I scaled the ladder and climbed into the attic to see what my mom had saved from those childhood days. I was so excited to incorporate things from my childhood into my son’s nursery. There were so many great things to take with me back to Virginia. From my old model horses to pieces of tack to my collection of ribbons and trophies. Many of the items in the room are handmade from those items. Lamp on side table is on old rubber boot filled with plaster and fitted with lamp hardware (Home Depot) and a cute shade (Home Goods). The ribbons were used to make the shadow box wall decor (Michaels). We purchased very masculine and dark furniture (bought from Hayneedle) which we knew would pop against the white board and batten we installed. The navy plaid, red houndstooth, and hunter green stripe fabrics which are the base for all of the soft goods were bought from Joanns and I made most of the items (curtains, bed skirt, chair pillow, and changing pad cover). Pinterest and YouTube are great resources to find tutorials on how to make these things. I am not a sewing expert but I can sew in a straight line and managed to do myself proud. Thanks so much to Arli Quinn Photography for capturing my vision for Maxwell’s Equestrian Nursery. Can’t wait to do the next one!