Mad Scientist Baby Nursery

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The Mad Scientist Nursery was created for my friends' baby girl. The final budget for the room was $425. They provided the crib, the glider and the Freddie the Firefly and the wall color- I provided everything else. (Bookcase, curtains, dresser/changing table, lighting, side table, artwork and accessories.)

Design Inspiration

The Darwin fabric for the curtains was a major inspiration. The color scheme was a little more sophisticated than what we were originally planning and that ended up really working in our favor.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is very influenced by Scandinavian Modern design, clean and fresh but with a soul. I love to add sense of humor to a room which makes a theme room like this is so much fun for me.

Project Details

Things I made:

  • The Dresser/changing table: Bought on Craigslist for $60 and refinished with several coats of MiniWax Early American Stain and one final coat of MiniWax Dark Walnut. Drawers primed and painted with Mythic "Warm Welcome"
  • Curtains: No-sew curtains made with Heat-n-Bond hem tape and Darwin Fabric from Spoonflower
  • Pegboard: From Home Depot- Cut to size, primed and painted with a mix of Mythic's "Atta Girl" and "Simply Beautiful" Baskets are Home Depot as well
  • Beakers: Real lab beakers with Mythic Paint in them
  • Molecule: Full DIY tutorial on my site

Stuff I bought:

  • The stool:  Which is the IKEA Roxö and was originally orange. I made it silver metallic to look like a lab stool.
  • The Gavik lamp is also from IKEA and it reminded me of some kind of glowing nuclear science experiment.
  • Astorp floor lamp from IKEA
  • Bookcase: $10 from Craigslist
  • Throw pillow from Target
  • Vintage microscope from Ebay
  • Vintage Fabric art from Gritty City Goods on Etsy
  • Braids Print (above crib)


Favorite Items

My favorite item is the DIY molecule because I made it up as I went along and it turned out great.


There's a lot of great inspiration on Pinterest these days.


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    Very unique and original theme. I love those curtains and those beakers with paint too. At first I wondered what those colorful stuff are inside!

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    Cool nursery! This is just the kind of theme wherein you just won’t run out of ideas! I can see myself creating a room like this and adding many other decor or accents.

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    I know you said they provided the wall paint color, but any idea what the color is and who makes it? It’s hard to find a nice soft yellow. Great job on the room.

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