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London’s Nursery


This is our third boy so my husband and I really wanted to do something outside the box. I didn't want the same old color blue just because we were having a boy, and we both didn't want anything cartoon, or sports because my oldest son already had that theme. We wanted his nursery to grow with him, especially his furniture, and we definitely made that happen. With the crib that turns into a full bed, his changing table being a desk so when he gets older he can do his homework on it. My husband is a very great handy man and did a lot of the work, like the closet, and putting the pattern on the wall. We are very happy with the way everything came out. London is now 17 months old and he loves his room. He will come in here pull out his toy basket and play. This room isn't big, however its just right for him.

Design Inspiration

our inspiration was a pattern on fabric from the website  A lady on  purchased the fabric for me and made the crib set, and his nursery wipe case. I put the fabric swatch in a frame to remember our inspiration.

Decorating Style

Our decorating style was very clean traditional with some modern elements. We really don't like modern style so I didn't want it to look like a room from the future, or from outer space! lol lol  We didn't want the room to look clutter or messy, thats why we like to hide a lot of his toys in the closet or in bins, so he can still have access to his toys but they not be everywhere.


Project Details

the fabric is from the crib set was made from a lady off and she also made the nursery wipe case. the origami mobile was also off  The diaper caddy is from Burlington Coat Factory, His nursery letters are made all by me, the blanket on the rocking chair is from Things Remembered that his grandma gave to him. Toy bin baskets are from Land of Nod, the crib is by Baby Cache it turns into a full size bed for when he gets older, Bookshelf  is from Office Max, the rocking chair is from, his changing table was a girls flowery desk that we bought off Craigslist and my husband sanded and repainted it so that when he gets older he can use it as a desk to do his homework. Closet shelving, drawers, and rack are from Home Depot that my husband installed.

Favorite Items

I actually have two favorite items in his nursery, the picture frame that has his birth announcement. Hes so precious in that picture with him wrapped in a bow with a tag on it saying (From God) because he is truly a blessing from God, and my second I would say his changing table because when he gets older he can use it for his desk to do homework.


My advice would be look everywhere for inspirations books, stores, and especially online. Also if your going to have a custom crib set made off make sure you order it quickly because it takes a longtime for them to make it.


Wednesday 17th of July 2013

That spiky mobile is what caught my eye. Beautiful!

Ross Neytiri

Tuesday 16th of July 2013

Warm colors. It's also very elegant and very cozy. Definitely a space he can grow into.


Monday 8th of July 2013

I love it! The colors and theme go perfect together . The cloest was a great idea, as well as the desk and changing table. Great job.