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Lovely Lavender Nursery for My Preemie


This room is vey simple but it means the world to me because 3 years ago this month, I gave birth to a preemie 12 weeks before my due date, and we worked on the nursery while Victoria was in the NICU.  When she had rough days in the NICU, I would come to her nursery and pray that God would allow her to come home to the place her family had put all their hearts in for her.  It is more than just a nursery to me.  3 years later, Victoria still loves her room and now gets to share it with her little sister.

Design Inspiration

Purple/lavender is a favorite color and happens to be the color for preemies.

Nathalie Chery

Thursday 15th of May 2014

Awww praise God for Victoria. Very nice room by the way.