Love Birds Nursery

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  • Love Birds Nursery
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When I found out I was having a girl my mother, aunt and I started my nursery project right away. My great grandmother painted the picture years ago that inspired the nursery, she titled it "Love Birds". It is hanging above the crib. Coincidentally, the bedding I loved by Carousel Designs was also called "Love Birds". Everything came together beautifully! My advice would be to take your time making decisions, find a piece that is meaningful to inspire you, and always carry around your fabric samples (you never know when you will come across something that works!)



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    Which size baskets are they? The site has small medium and large. I love that look and want to recreate it in my nursery. :)

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    The baskets are size large

    The hardware came from Ikea, impossible to find in the store so just save yourself a headache and order online!
    S-hook, stainless steel
    Height: 4 3/8 ” / 11 cm

    Rail, stainless steel
    Length: 31 ½ ” / 80 cm

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    Do you know the name of the floating book shelf you purchased at Home Depot? I am trying to find it but I haven’t had any luck :-(

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    I haven’t been able to find the bookshelf at Home Depot. If you can please post the name. It’s really cute

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    I just tried to find the shelves for y’all on Home Depot’s website, it looks like they no longer carry them. Sorry!

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    Did you buy the book holder? It’s exactly what I’m looking for to redo rooms in our church nursery. Thank you!

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    I know you said that Home Depot doesn’t sell them anymore but do you know what I could google search for? I have looked at so many places for a good bookshelf and this one is perfect. Even if I can get close to it that would be wonderful. My 16 month old has so many books and we are redoing her room and I love this look you did!

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    @Brandie….you can make a similar bookshelf from a pallet. Or if you’d prefer to buy one, I would try googling Wall bookshelves or mounted bookshelves.

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