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Laila’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party!


My daughter loves the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I have been singing her to sleep with this song since she was a newborn. I knew this would be a fun and beautiful theme for her birthday. I designed a twinkle, twinkle party using gold, light pink, hot pink, and aqua. I scoured sites like etsy and pinterest for months looking for the perfect decorations. The result was a sparkly and beautiful party, perfect for my little girl. I wanted the ceiling to be reminiscent of a night sky so I hung star gold glitter star garlands from the ceiling of my great rooms. On the fireplace I had handmade wands in gold glitter bubble vases. A stary chalkboard sign went over the fireplace and a gold glitter twinkle banner hung from the mantle. I made my own centerpieces using roses and gold planters with gold glitter wands. I used pink crinkled taffeta linens and gold sequin runners. Monthly baby pictures of Laila were displayed on bookcases in frames that had gold glitter die cut months. Hand decorated favor bags filled with star themed cookies, went on another bookcase. I did a bunch of DIY projects such as wands, a crepe paper backdrop, and hand punched confetti for balloons and the tables, and custom centerpieces.

We served brunch food such as french toast, mac and cheese, fritatas and bagels. My talented friend, Betsy, made star shaped sandwiches, delicious mini muffiins, fruit wands and beautiful star themes cupcakes.