Little Mroz’s Nursery

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A bright and colorful gender neutral nursery.

Design Inspiration

We were inspired to create something that was not only appealing to us, but was also colorful and interesting to look at for the baby.

Decorating Style

We enjoy decorating our home in an eclectic style of sorts. Usually, we choose a color scheme and then pick all sorts of different patterns and textures that are mismatched but follow that color scheme to decorate with. Most of the items used to decorate usually have some kind of meaning or are handmade.

Project Details

Lamp - World Market

Bedding - GiggleSixBaby

Glider - Babies 'R' Us

All of the other items in the room were handmade by my husband and I. The collage is a mixed of hand painted plaques, some of our nephew's art, and some Illustrator drawings that I printed for the frames.  The frame with the clothespins was based off of something I found on Pinterest ( The poster in the baby's room was a collaborative design created by me and my husband as well.

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room is the poster on the wall. I love that it's something my husband and I worked together on to create for the baby.


If anyone out there is looking to create a similar look, my advice would be to pick bedding that you love and work from there. We picked out the bedding and then found items to match because we had the woman who made it send us swatches in the mail. The best thing you can do to achieve a mismatched look like this is to get bedding that has all different patterns within it so things don't look out of place when you try to decorate the rest of the room this way.


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