Our Little Man’s Nursery

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This is just a simple, clean, fun nursery for the newest little man in our lives.

Design Inspiration

I love mixing and matching different patterns… polka dots, stripes and chevron.

Project Details

The main focus, the polka dot wall, was done by husband. He used rolls of white shelf liner paper that we cut 5" circles out of to make the shape of the dot. The striped curtains were also another DIY project we did, with the same paint we used on the nursery wall. All of the word artwork I created and spray painted some of the frames. Most of the decorations were purchased from Home Goods, Hobby Lobby & Target.

Favorite Items

The polka dot wall!


Utilize this website and Pinterest! There are wonderful ideas out there to help you get inspired. Oh and spray paint. If it isn't the color you're looking for, spray paint that baby!


  1. 1

    I would love to know the fabulous Grey color you used on the walls of your sons nursery…. Finding the “right” grey is such a challenge. Thx in advance…

  2. 2

    Creative way to make the dots for the wall instead of buying them! Was wondering who is the manufacturer of the beautiful sturdy crib? Appears to be elegant and well- made nursery furniture. Thanks.

  3. 3
  4. 4

    thank you! Yes, the furniture is very sturdy and has held up extremely well. My second son is now using it. It’s made by Baby Appleseed which we purchased at Buy Buy Baby.

  5. 5
  6. 6

    It was such a hard decision because I didn’t want the gray to look cold and look like concrete! I finally went with Behr Subtle Touch after having tons and tons of swatches on my wall for weeks. I love it because it’s not an overly warm gray or too cold. To me it’s a perfect gray.

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  9. 10

    What color of blue did you use. I am really loving the accent wall with the polka dots and the other three walls blue.

  10. 11

    Is that a wall paper? I’m trying to buy the exact same one and I’m having a hard time finding it. Do you have a brand so I can look for it? Thank you

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  13. 14

    What kind of curtains did you use to paint the stripes on? I love that they are striped but still sheer. Thanks!

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