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Lily’s Nursery


I had such a blast planning Lily's Nursery.  I think that I have been planning it for years subconsciously:). I decided to go with more purples rather then pinks. I also knew I wanted to create a wall art using unique frames with a center piece being a monogram of the first letter of her name.

Design Inspiration

There are several inspirations I had when decorating this room.  I fell in love with wall decals a few years back.  I knew I wanted to have one in the nursery.  Who knew there were so many different ones available.  I was constantly visiting Pinterest to get different ideas.

Decorating Style

I think this is more of a modern nursery with a very homey feel.

Project Details

I ordered the butterfly tree wall decal from  I also knew I wanted to showcase the first letter of her name on one wall.  I found this super cute design using buttons on Pinterest so I decided that I would give it a try and make my own.  I found the buttons at Craft Warehouse and as well as the detailed white frame. The backing is burlap that I glued to think black form board which I got at office max.  The burlap came from fabric depot. I used a hot glue gun to strategically buttons onto the burlap backing. The shaggy rug came from World Market.  The chandelier  was ordered through amazon.  The dresser was my grandmothers we completely refinished it to give it a fresh look.

Favorite Items

The dark purple wall is my most favorite part of the whole room.  I added gold sparkles to the paint and when room is lit up you are able to see a slight gold shimmer to the wall.


When applying a decal remember it takes time.  There were probably over 100 different pieces to my butterfly tree decal.  Each butterfly came in 4 different stickers and the tree was in 4 separate


Thursday 21st of November 2013

I felt like the photos are not giving your room any justice. I thought those butterflies on the wall are maroon.