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Leighton’s Cheerful Nursery


Our project started out a little rough, our house was built in the 1880s, yes that's right...over 130 years old! When we moved in, the previous owners had put barn wood on all the walls in this particular bedroom...I love the rustic look, but not in a Victorian age home. Anyways, when we went to tear the wood down, all the plaster came with. So our project turned from a simple paint job, to a complete remodel. But in the end, we love it that much more, and were really able to utilize the space better by choosing the layout.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration started from really just wanting a cheerful and bright room to hang out in. I picked my paint pallet very first, and it all just came together from there.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is probably described as "Pottery Barn meets thrift shop meets vintage flare"...I know it sounds funny! But I am always on the hunt for bargain deals! At one point in time, our entire living room was furnished by garage sales, goodwill and craigslist. However, looking at it, you would never know!

Project Details

Paint colors are from Ace Hardware.Ā The Turquoise color is called Turquoise Bay, it is in an eggshell finish. The green color is called Picture Perfect and in an eggshell finish as well. The coral touches around the room are called Sweet Tangerine.Ā 

The big fun light is from IKEA!

The dresser, nightstand, and chair with the alligator all came from garage sales.

The crib is from Amazon and called the Graco Victoria 5-1 Crib.

We made the bookshelves out of metal gutters! So simple and inexpensive! I love the way they turned out!

Crib bedding and curtainsĀ are made by a friend in my hometown. I found all the fabric at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's Fabric.

Paisley Fabric

Green Fabric

Coral colored fabric is from JoAnn's Fabric, but I can't find it on the website. I will try and research it more, and find out the name!

The white cube shelves came from Wal-Mart. Same with the fabric cube totes. The white rug also came from Wal-Mart.

All of the artwork in the room is homemade, either by myself or a family member.

Mr. Alligator is from Sam's Club, pretty sure it was a Christmas item though.

All dƩcor in the room has been picked up here and there...garage sales, friends, Hobby Lobby, handed down from a family member.

Picture frames hanging above her crib are from Hobby Lobby, then IĀ painted them the colorĀ I wanted.Ā Man I love that store!

Favorite Items

My Favorite itemsĀ are probably the pictures of her, above her crib and above her dresser. The one above her dresser, is something I made. It is actually on engineering paper from Staples, cost of $4.99! Then we mounted it to a piece of foam board and made a frame out of old door trim! Total cost for the whole project $11.50! So awesome!


My advice is don't do it all at once! I was rushing to get it done before Leighton was born, but didn't finish in time. However, she slept in our room in a bassinet for 3 months, so it gave me more time to put the finishing touches on it. I found a lot more inspiration after she was born!

Also, look for bargains! Everything does not need to be brand new. Find something you like, and make it into something you love and can call your own!