Leighton’s 1st Birthday: Winter One-Derland

  • Winter One-Derland Dessert Table1/20
  • Winter One-Derland Banner2/20
  • Almond Milk and Melted Snow Water Bottles3/20
  • Winter One-Derland Birthday Party Desserts4/20
  • Snow Pebble and Snow Puff Desserts5/20
  • Rice Krispie Pops6/20
  • Winter One-Derland Cupcakes7/20
  • Winter One-Derland Gluten Free Cupcakes8/20
  • Edible Party Penguins (Olives, Carrots and Cream Cheese)9/20
  • Fruit Salad10/20
  • Popcorn Snowflakes and Winter One-Derland Birthday Party Activities11/20
  • Chalkboard Birthday Sign12/20
  • Gift Table with Photo Clothesline13/20
  • Winter One-Derland Smash Cake14/20
  • Winter One-Derland High Chair Decor15/20
  • 16/20
  • 17/20
  • 18/20
  • 19/20
  • 20/20


A Winter Wonderland themed birthday party for my sweet little lady.

Design Inspiration

Snowflakes, Ice, blues, mints and mauves, icy cool blues and silvers, anything winter-themed (penguins, snowy owls, globes)

Decorating Style

Eclectic, elegant, fun

Project Details

I collected a lot of winter-themed decorations and made some DIY projects. I bought antique silver trays and glued them atop crystal candle holders to use as serving trays, the food was all homemade by friends and family. Photography was provided by Artful Life Studios. I made the garland out of card stock and twine, and cut circles out of printed paper and glued them to toothpicks for the cupcake toppers. I had a craft station for the older kids to draw a picture or make a snowflake.


**Feel free to ask any questions.

Favorite Items

The homemade smash cake.


Start your planning early and give yourself time to make party crafts.


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