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Kids Keepsake Ornament DIY


Start a new tradition by handcrafting a personal ornament for your kids each year.

An easy tutorial with a high end result.

Design Inspiration

Placing things inside a clear plastic bulb is popular, but you’re typically limited to only small items that will fit through the top opening. This method allows for much larger and more interesting fillings.

Project Details

You will need:
• clear plastic bulb
• 2 or 3″ diameter wood discs
• cup
• ultra fine point sharpie
• Xacto knife & sharp scissors
• paint, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge
• hot glue gun
• pipe cleaners
• trinkets personal to your child

Start by finding a small version of something that will remind you of your child this year. Clear plastic bulbs come in two sizes (80mm & 100mm), so decide which will best fit your trinket. Find them at both big box and various craft stores; costing about $1 each.

  1. Find a cup or similar jar opening that is slightly smaller than your wood disc.
  2. Center the bulb inside the cup and (holding firmly) trace a circle with a ultra fine point sharpie.
  3. Use your Xacto to first roughly cut out the bottom of the bulb, staying away from the line you drew. Then go back with your detail scissors to make a clean cut around your line.
  4. I chose to enhance my wood disc by painting the edges and then using Mod Podge to adhere traced scrapbook papers to either side. You can use any type of paper, really. Or just paint the whole thing.
  5. Once the disc is dry, arrange and attach your trinkets. Test your trinket set up with your cut bulb before hot gluing into place.
  6. To attach the bulb, put your hot glue gun on low; high temps can melt the plastic. Carefully and quickly place 4 equally spaced dabs right on the edge of your disc and place the bulb while the glue is hot. Let set till firm.*** Do not make a ring around the whole thing. Trust me, it looks terrible.
  7. To cover the glue dots, use evenly spaced glue dots on the outside to attach a coordinating pipe-cleaner. You could also use ribbon, but I found that a fuzzy texture hides the glue better.
  8. On the bottom, be sure to record your childs name, date, and any other info you want to remember.

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