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Leah’s springtime nursery


Leah's spring inspired nursery featuring yellow, gray, and turquoise.

Design Inspiration

I got a lot of inspiration ideas from pinterest!

Favorite Items

My favorite item is her name banner that I made that hangs over her closet.

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  1. avatar Bridal_lady says:

    Searching For Ideas,

    Thank you! It is from Ikea!

  2. avatar Searching For Ideas says:

    Where is the rug from? I love it.

  3. avatar Bridal_lady says:


    Thank you and congratulations! Grays ARE so hard! The one I chose is called collingwood by Benjamin Moore. It is very light (from the off white collection) and has a more taupey undertone (I was afraid of it looking blue.) I also love the gray from restoration hardware kid and baby, so definitely look that one up too! Best wishes with your first!! So exciting!

  4. avatar Jenn says:

    I absolutely love your nursery! So peaceful and serene!
    I am expecting my first in October and thinking about a similar color scheme. Can you tell me what paint you used. I am having the worst time finding the perfect shade of gray!

  5. avatar Robin says:

    Thank you! We were lucky enough that the room already had the changing table built in when we moved there! There are built in shelves and one long piece that we put a changing pad on. I’m sure you could show any carpenter or general contractor the picture, and they could build it for you. Thank you for commenting and good luck!! My daughter’s room is very small also!

  6. avatar Erica says:

    Hi i was wondering how you did the closet slash changing area set up i have a super small room for my baby girl with one closet and would like to do the same beause its very unique and beautiful.

  7. avatar Robin says:

    Thank you for commenting! I found the crib and armoire as a set on Craigslist. She said she bought it from a designer furniture store when it was going out of business.

  8. avatar Stephanie says:


    Where is the crib from? The room is adorable!

  9. avatar Bridal_lady says:


    Hi! Thank you! The frames are from Michaels-I had to paint them, but they were super cheap!

  10. avatar mychael13 says:

    I think it is great! Where did you find the frames above the crib?

  11. avatar Bridal_lady says:

    Thanks for commenting. The “spring” theme was more about the birds, butterflies, and flowers on the wall, not particularly the colors. I don’t really think the colors translated greatly in the photo either. Her room is very light and bright but still neutral which is what I was going for. I am a huge fan of the yellow and gray color combination, but thought it was a little bland. That’s why I added the pop of robins egg blue around the room. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though!

  12. avatar avalon says:

    Hi there. It’s a lovely room but I can’t say am a fan of the colors you used. Somehow the gray is overpowering the room. It needs brighter colors for spring, I think. Nevertheless, I love it.