Landon’s Red Bird Nursery

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Gray, Red, white, and espresso brown furniture. Bird Theme

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by a very room I saw here on Project Nursery.

Decorating Style

Cool, calm, very neutral.

Project Details

My three go-to places: Target, HomeGoods/ TJMaxx, Ikea

Favorite Items

The tree wall sticker and the Ikea chair.




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    I have to admit that I’d be plenty scared using this shade of very bright red, nevertheless, this is one beautiful room!

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    Alison I love your nursery….great job!! where did you get the “hanging chair”, im working on the nursery for my twins and dont have any room for a glidder or even a samll chair…a hanging chair could solve the problem :)

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    I bought it from Walmart (believe it or not) back in 2006. It has lasted me 6 years of use and still going. It was recalled because of the drop down side, but they sent us free hardware to stop it from dropping down. It is Storkcraft brand and although we paid $199 for it, this is the closest thing they have available
    I love the drawer underneath. We have stored everything from extra sheets, to diapers, to currently books.

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    i agree! I was scared as well. I even did an online poll with my family to chose between two reds, burnt red and this red. I went with “cardinal” red because we are St. Louis Cardinal fans. I also was looking into turquoise.

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