Koen’s modern, bright gender-neutral nursery

  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Paper Stars1/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Tree Wall Decal2/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Wall Art3/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery4/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Crib View5/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Glider6/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery7/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Giraffe Pillow8/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Crib View9/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery10/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Room View11/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Mobile12/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Light Fixture13/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Wall Art14/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Light Fixture15/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery16/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Room View17/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Lion Rug18/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Room View19/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Dresser20/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Wood Block21/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Boy22/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery23/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Boy on a Carpet24/25
  • Gender-Neutral Nursery Rug25/25


I wanted a modern, gender-neutral room without your typical "boy" theme. Koen is almost two now and I finally got around to posting these photos! A few of the photos were taken before I had all the elements to the room, but you get the idea. :)

Design Inspiration

Project Nursery inspired me with the gray walls and bright accents as well as the circle animal rug.

Decorating Style

I aim for modern and trendy, but comfortable though I could use a personal decorator to help me with the rest of the house!

Project Details

Thanks Project Nursery for all the inspiration! Dream menagerie rug from Anthropologie http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/search/search.jsp?searchPhrase=Dream+menagerie+rug; crib and dresser from a big-box store (either Target or Walmart - I can't remember now); small animal wall art from Etsy; Koen letters hand made from a friend; green froggie laundry basket from Burlington Coat Factory; giraffe pillow from Paisley Monkey (on clearance for 4 bucks) http://paisleymonkey.com/; plug covers handmade from my friend ETCH; Koen's full name and birth info wall art made by ME! (if you like it please message me for details and pricing for a custom one); blackout turquoise curtains from Target; awesome paper star mobile from Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/62752836/baby-mobile-hanging-origami-stars-ursa?ref=related-0; hanging yellow lantern from a friend; diaper changing table from a friend; orange giraffe blanket  and hanging photo frame from IKEA; white rocker and ottoman from Walmart; Koen hand made banner from a family friend; block K with Koen's birth info a gift from a friend; tree wall decal from Etsy; owl stuffed animal handmade from a friend; book shelf repurposed from an old dresser I had originally from IKEA; orange mirror from Pat Catan's.

Favorite Items

The mobile, rug and wall art!


Look on Project Nursery!

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    I love the paper star mobile because of its geometric design. But aren’t those too sharp and pointed for the baby?

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