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Jovie’s One-derland Party


Balloone One-derland

Design Inspiration

For Jovie's 1st birthday, I knew that the people that will enjoy the party most are the older kids that came and family. With out limited budget, I wasn't really able to go "all out" like I wanted, so I had to think of a quick fix for an CHEAP but extravagant party. I woke up at 3am one night with one word on my mind: BALLOONS. I set my mother in law to the task of finding as many balloons as possible in town, and we spent a few night leading up to her party using an electric air-mattress blower-upper (like my technical jargon?) blowing up 1500 balloons, and hiding them in the guest room until the party. And yes. You read that right. 1500 balloons.  Jovie's expression when she opened her bedroom door for the first time when she woke up to see a house FILLED with balloons was PRICELESS! ALL of the kids had an absolute BLAST....myself included!

Decorating Style

Poor Man's Interior Design Project. :)

Favorite Items

CLearly I don't like balloons. ;)


When a balloon invariably pops....start cheering to keep the little ones from getting scared. it becomes a game and no one gets upset when they pop. ALso, wait until the toddlers and babies are out of the house and let the big kids GO CRAZY popping the balloons afterwards to help clean up. In fact, this was my personal favorite part of the party!


Tuesday 27th of December 2011

Awww, I really like the first photo. Really precious! Your daughter looks really cute and you captured her at the right moment. It's like she was so surprised and so awed at the colorful balloons before her!