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Into the Wild


I really wanted something fun that she could grow with. I have an amazing designer from HHC Living in Lubbock, TX named Jordan Davis, and my amazing cousin Courtney Hill Photography took all the pictures!

Jordan has helped me with my whole house but she also creates AMAZING kids rooms/ playrooms. So we sat down and I told her I really wanted some wallpaper. We looked around in her books and decided on the banana leaf! I also really wanted an acrylic bed but went with the black acrylic one in case I have a boy down the road he could use it too.  After deciding on the wallpaper I thought having a jungle team would be super cool, but also keep it modern.

They use these awesome animals when they decorate for the parade of homes so I told her I really wanted to Incorporate the giraffe somehow. A couple weeks later we met again to finalize the project, She had everything laid out of what it would look like, then you just order it all from their store.

A few few months later my baby decided to come about 5 weeks early. I was a tad stressed because her room had not been finished. The day before we came home the hospital, Jordan and her team of movers came to my house had everything installed. When we got home the whole room was finished perfectly, and it literally brought tears to my eyes.  She makes every vision I have come to life but better!!