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Emma’s Nursery from Mama Jots


Living in the PNW, it tends to be grey and rainy 9 months out of the year, so I wanted to create a space that was forever light, bright, relaxing, and yet slightly energizing to be in. Even during those late night trips to the nursery for feedings. Also being in my 30's I wanted the space to feel slightly feminine and sophisticated. So I mixed light and classic details together with a few dark and modern decor pieces from Etsy shop owners I've been connect with. Inspiration stem from Emily and Merit style on Pottery Barn will all the gold, black, and pink thought felt the darker colors in this style were a bit too dark for a nursery. Emma's space has hints of gold and black to keep it modern, dark and sophisticated while making the main colors white and light pink the forefront of the room. By having more white and pink in the room, I feel it even's out to brighten up the space. I love walking into a very sweet, soft and yet strong and sophisticated space at the same time.

Mama Jots (Steph)

Monday 21st of December 2020

They're from Anthropology! Though I purchased them in spring of 2019


Monday 21st of December 2020

Hi there, Where did you find the pink flower knobs for your dresser?


Sunday 23rd of August 2020

It's called "soothing pink" by BHER! Though we got it color matched exactly over at Sherwin Willams to be FOC free! Highly recommend them! No smell or chemicals for babies : )


Saturday 22nd of August 2020

Very pretty room. What is the wall paint color?