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A Gentleman’s Quarters Nursery!


I wanted a nursery that was masculine and a tad sophisticated as well as inviting and one that he would be able to grow into. Playing off of my son's nick name, Gent, I decided a"Gentlemans Quarters" theme was a perfect fit.

Design Inspiration

My son's nick name Gent was my initial inspiration for a Gentlemans Quarters themed room. I love vintage heirlooms and sentimental things which are scattered throughout as well.

Decorating Style

I didn't really have a style in mind other than a theme. I think my style is pretty unique based on the responses I received from my friends and family after they saw the finished project!

Project Details

All images were shot by Meagan Gibson Photography

Most of the items I gathered throughout my pregnancy at TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby as well as various thrift stores and antique shops. I also used many items from our wedding that seemed to fit perfectly which added to my sentimental touch. Most of my prints are from Amy Proffitt Designs. Furniture was purchased from (a bargain might I add!) except for the glider which was purchased from The safety pin metal art piece was purchased at my local Tuesday Morning (I love that store!) The tie mobile was a DIY piece was so fun to create. All ties were purchased at a thrift store, cleaned and tied around an embroidery loop and hung with ribbon! The Gentleman's Quarters was another DIY project.

Favorite Items

I would have to say the safety pins above the changing table. Its usually the first thing people notice when they walk in!


Look to what matters most... And then build off of that. I am an extremely sentimental person so everything had to mean something. That was my starting point. And live on the edge a little. What might sound crazy to someone ( a gentlemans quarters?!?) might end up turning to out to be amazing!!

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  3. avatar Brianne says:

    This room has been updated! If you’re looking for a modern monochrome room:

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  5. avatar Brianne Geiger says:

    Just saw this comment! I’m so late in responding! Thank you! Love our G’s! :)

  6. avatar PamGinocchio says:

    Love those G’s! We have a lot in our family too. :)