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It was a super fun experience! I started with the design of the camper and after that all the other elements just kept on flowing. The camper was set up in the family room with the tree and the camp fire made from rocks, branches, tissue paper and a flashlight. We also had some stars on the ceiling for our "movie under the stars" - "Curious George Goes Camping". As for other activities the kids truly enjoyed playing in the camper and we also did a fish pond game and some craft activities (camper coloring sheets, coloring bird feeders and rock & twig figures). The favors for kids were "Curious George Goes Camping" books and twig coloring pencils.

Design Inspiration

campings, nature, Pintrest

Decorating Style

modern, fun

Project Details


Favorite Items



Remember that doing anything for kids has no limitations!


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    I designed it all in Illustrator and then cut it on a machine at my job out of some 100″ x 50″ sheets of cardboard that we had on the shelf.

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    Hello. Do you still make and sell the camper vans? I couldn’t find on Etsy. Thank you. :)

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    Melissa, click the link she has above your comment, you will be directed right to her etsy store to purchase it!

  8. 8

    I’m a Kindergarten teacher and would love to know if you’re still selling camper packages? Thank you!

  9. 9

    Also interested in purchasing one in the next 2 weeks!! Please let me know as soon as possible!!

  10. 11

    Hi I am interested in this camper. Are you still selling these. I clicked on the link but there were no items. Please let me know! I love it.

  11. 12

    Is the Etsy shop still open? There have been no responses and there looks to be nothing in the shop. O would love to get a cardboard camper.

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    Asking again, although there hasn’t been replies. I know the shop is there, but theres no listings. Anyone ever find a link to order? Or something similar to purchase??

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