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Hayden’s Girly Teal Nursery


I wanted Hayden's teal nursery to be bright and girly.  I had a pretty tight budget, so I re-finished existing furniture, shopped thrift stores, and created my own art to fill the space.  I love how it turned out... the room feels cheery and welcoming.  Success!

Design Inspiration

The curtain fabric was my big splurge and my jumping off point.  I found this fabric at JoAnn's and I LOVED the colors!  I waited for the fabric to go on sale and bought an ample amount.  Luckily I had enough fabric for the curtains, the crib skirt and bumper.

Decorating Style

I would say my style is transitional and eclectic.  This nursery is more toward the traditional side, but the colors are definitely more modern and fun!

Project Details

Shop thrift stores!!!  All of the furniture in this room (except for the chair) was either free or REALLY inexpensive.  I focused on size and functionality of the furniture and then put my DIY skills to work to make the color and style work for the overall design.   The crib was actually my crib as a baby.  The side table belonged to my husband's grandfather.  I purchased the dresser at Salvation Army for $35!  (It was originally $70, but I waited to purchase it for their 50% off day.)  I purchased the bookshelf for $30 at Goodwill.  I LOVE a bargain!

Favorite Items

I love how the art vignette turned out above the rocking chair. Also, I am obsessed with the sweet bunny mobile (an Etsy find - only $30!) hanging over her changing station.


Keep functionality in mind as you design your nursery.... beyond that, just have fun!

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  1. avatar Katie Wilson says:

    Thanks so much Kaela!!! The crib sheets are from Babies R Us. The crib skirt and bumper were made by my mother-in-law and my friend @modernmommabear from fabric I purchased at Joanna. Follow me on Instagram @wilco_creative for more inspiration. I will be posting another nursery, Hayden’s big girl room and the kids bathroom in the coming weeks! ?

  2. avatar Kaela Barrington says:

    LOVE THIS ROOM! It is perfect in every way! Where did you buy the bedding? Thanks so much :)

  3. avatar Katie Wilson says:

    Geesh sorry, it auto corrected your name and I didn’t realize it Danyelle.

  4. avatar Katie Wilson says:

    Thank you Danielle!
    The teal is called Vintage Teal and it is Behr Marquee paint fromy Home Depot. The crib and bedside table are actually spray painted. Color is Ballet Slipper by Krylon from Walmart.

  5. avatar Danyelle Hall says:

    Love this nursery! Where did you get the pink and real painting?

  6. avatar KatieWilson says:

    Hi Rachel!
    I got the ottoman from Target, but I know you can also find a lot of them on etsy and also
    They are called “poufs”.


  7. avatar Rachel says:

    Where did you get the ottoman?

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  9. avatar Katie says:

    Hi Erin!
    Sorry… I just now saw your questions. The bicycle was an Etsy find. There are actually a couple of vendors who sell them, and they come in lots of different colors.
    :) KW

  10. avatar Erin says:

    Could you tell me where your got the bicycle?

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  12. avatar Cait says:

    Love the crib skirt and bumper!! You really inspired me to take the plunge in trying to make the crib skirts for my twins’ nursery. Just bought the fabric today!

  13. avatar KatieWilson says:

    Hi Lizzy,
    The chair is a swivel rocker… AND IT IS A RECLINER! I LOVE this chair. I sat in a lot of rockers before I found the “perfect fit.” The style is Kersey, and I found it in grey on the sales floor at Babies R Us and had it custom ordered in this white/cream color. I lucked out and the chair arrived at the store for pick up in about a month, but I was warned that custom orders can take up to 3 months to come in, just fyi.

    Here’s a web link to the chair:
    It is not cheap, but I think it very fairly priced and worth every penny.

  14. avatar Lizzy says:

    Very cute! Where did you get that chair from? Is it a glider/rocking chair?

  15. avatar KatieWilson says:

    Hi Caylie,
    The mirror is Martha Stewart at Home Depot… just $35!

  16. avatar caylie says:

    Where is the mirror from?

  17. avatar KatieWilson says:

    Hi Jessica!
    The wall color is Vintage Teal by Behr Marquee… LOVE! The sample I took home was flat and I loved how velvety that finish looked on the walls, so that’s the finish I ultimately went with for the final product.
    The pink on the crib and the side table is actually spray paint from Wal-Mart. (I finished the crib in a non-toxic water-based gloss finish.) The color is Ballet Slipper.
    The pink of the dresser is Frolic by Behr.

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  19. avatar Jessica says:

    And the pink color too :)

  20. avatar Jessica says:

    This room is beautiful! Would you mind sharing the name and brand of the teal paint color?

  21. avatar Amara says:

    Thank you so much!!

  22. avatar KatieWilson says:

    Hi again!
    I lucked out… I actually still had the receipt from when I ordered the fabric, so it saved me a trip to the store.
    It is not Waverly… it is actually Eaton Square. The name is Dance Team Jewel.
    (I guess I just assume every fabric at JoAnn’s is Waverly. oops.)

    Best of luck!

  23. avatar Amara says:

    That’s very sweet of you! Thank you! I was trying to find it online earlier as well but figured it might be easier to ask you directly. I’m on the hunt for a great floral pattern!

  24. avatar KatieWilson says:

    Hi Amara!
    Thank you so much for the compliment! So, I cannot remember the name of the fabric and I’ve spend the past hour searching and I can’t find it online! I will be out and about this weekend, so I’ll swing by the store and grab the name for you.
    …please stand by.


  25. avatar Amara says:

    Gorgeous nursery! Would you mind sharing the fabric name? I would love to use it in my bedroom.

  26. avatar Gretchen R says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors and all the decor!! Well done Katie!! ;)