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Dexter’s Dark Side of the Force Nursery


When we discovered we were expecting a boy, we wanted to make his nursery something special, beyond all the baby blue. We took inspiration from Darth Vader, and ran with it.

We hand painted the wall, and customized most all of the furniture, including the glider that I was able to re-cover. I made all of the bedding, including the mobile.

The end result is something that he can grow into. The Force is Strong with this One.

Design Inspiration

The Dark Side of the Force was an inspiration for us, as well as coming across patterns and fabrics that helped to mold the room

Decorating Style

The patterns we chose are meant to help stimulate the baby, as well as provide the right amount of funkiness to the room.

Project Details

The wall was hand painted, and it took less time than you would think. We measured it off in equal columns, then just taped off using two different sized painters tape to make the herringbone pattern. We randomly painted in the four colors, and touched it up once the tape came off.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the glider I painted and re-covered.


Tuesday 12th of September 2017

I just came across this adorable nursery! I see the print you have/had up of the Death Star with what looks like balloons from Up. Do you happen to remember where you got that from? Thanks!

Yasmine Adams

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

My husband and I are working on a Star Wars nursery for our little boy. Wonderful job!