Hartley’s Light and Airy Shiplap Nursery

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  • Light and Airy Shiplap Nursery
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I've wanted a shiplap wall (or walls!!) in my house since I saw the first episode of Fixer Upper a couple of years ago...and a sweet little nursery seemed like the perfect excuse to make that happen! My other two kids' nurseries had themes and were very well thought-out, but this one...not so much. All I knew was that I wanted it to be light, bright and airy...and when I started incorporating things that fit that description, it all just kind of fell into place!

Everything about Hartley's nursery makes me happy and I hope she feels the same way when she gets bigger!


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    Can I just say how gorgeous this room is! I love it! I’m not going with a theme either…just a color pallete!

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