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Kansas girl, wife, crafter, lover of all things to two miracles: Arden and Nash.

Light and Airy Shiplap Nursery

Hartley’s Light and Airy Shiplap Nursery

I’ve wanted a shiplap wall (or walls!!) in my house since I saw the first episode of Fixer Upper a couple of years ago…and a sweet little nursery seemed like the perfect excuse to make that happen! My other two kids’ nurseries had themes and were very well thought-out, but this one…not so much. All I knew was that I wanted it to be light, bright and airy…and when I started incorporating things that fit that description, it all just kind of fell into place!
Everything about Hartley’s nursery makes me happy and I hope she feels the same way when she gets bigger!

Camping Themed 1st Birthday

Camp Nash – A Camping Themed 1st Birthday

Nash’s camping themed 1st birthday party was such a treat to plan! The theme was easy to stick with, and I was able to piece most of it together with things I already had. We also lucked out with a beautiful fall day in Kansas!

Country Themed Gallery Wall in this Farm Nursery

Nash’s Farm Nursery

As soon as we found out we were expecting a boy, I knew he needed a farm-themed nursery! The challenge was to keep it from becoming too hokey…and/or something that would eventually give Nash a farm animal phobia :)

Tea Party 1st Birthday Party Sweets Table

Arden’s Tea Party 1st Birthday

What better way to celebrate our sweet Arden’s 1st birthday than with a vintage tea party?  This party was truly a labor of love…my mom helped me scour antique stores for tea cups, cake platters, etc. and I spent many nap times and late nights crafting with doilies and lace. In the end, it was a perfect day for our precious girl!


Vintage Country Girl’s Nursery

My original intent was to keep the baby’s room fairly “gender neutral”. Whoops!  The furniture, bedding and curtains were all bought new, but the rest of the pieces we collected from antique stores and flea markets.  Some needed painting and a little TLC, but others were perfect just the way they were. You can find all of the project details here.