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Grow a Living Easter Basket


Grow a Living Easter Basket

Springtime brings so many moments to savor in nature: blue skies, chirping birds, gentle (haha) Seattle rain and bursting blossoms in every neighbor's garden bed. For extra springtime enjoyment, I'm sharing how to grow a living Easter basket that you can use for Easter fun and through the season.

This easy to create living Easter basket makes a perfect kids craft and is a lot of fun to watch grow over a short week of sunlight near a picture window. Your little bunnies will love planting their wheat grass seeds, watering their basket and waiting just a few days to watch the seeds germinate.

If you'd like to use these for kiddos' Easter baskets, simply do this project on the DL and hide your work. Find a quiet window in your home and set the baskets there to germinate and grow.

You are welcome to trim your grass if it grows beyond your needs and have fun with the process!

Here's what you need to grow your own living Easter basket

  • Planting container - try any fun waterproof container including a plastic bucket, galvanized bucket, a glass vase - there are endless possibilities here! Use a container with a wide opening so you can place your Easter goodies in there and the grass has enough surface area to grab sunlight and grow, grow, grow!
  • Wheat grass seeds
  • All purpose potting medium - this is a fancy term for a special soil mixture that helps the wheat grass grow quickly.
  • Water

Here's how you make your own living Easter basket

For our living Easter baskets that we sell at Satsuma Kids Shop in Seattle, we use a 10" diameter plastic basket filled 3/4 full with potting medium.

If you would like to add a small potted plant into your large sized basket, push a LARGE mason jar into the potting medium to create a 'cavity' that you can use for your small potted plant (4" pot). Once your seeds start to germinate, you can pull the mason jar from the soil and replace with your small potted plant.

You'll sprinkle your wheat grass seeds on top of your potting medium.

Then add 6 cups of water.

Set your basket next to a window for indirect lighting and wait.

Approximately 4 days later your grass will start to germinate and a week after that you'll have a full basket of grass.

Your baskets don't need to be watered as the potting medium retains water very well. If you decide to add a little potted plant, please do water this.

How to use your Living Easter Basket this season

  • Easter brunch centerpiece
  • Easter baskets for the kids
  • May Day baskets for your favorite neighbors
  • Teacher appreciation baskets
  • Create a trio of living Easter baskets for Easter brunch buffet
  • Make large Living Easter baskets for your church or place of worship to celebrate spring
  • Baby shower decor

Find more fun at Satsuma Designs! 

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