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Grey and Tangerine Modern {Woodland Inspired} Nursery


My husband and I both love things with a modern look and a tiny twist of vintage. When I was pregnant, we had no idea what we wanted to do for the nursery, the only thing we knew for sure was that we didn't want to go the "traditional baby blue" route. We knew we both loved grey as a neutral and then we ended up adding a few pops of tangerine for fun!

Design Inspiration

It all started with a little stuffed grey owl that I bought when I was pregnant. I found it at Pier 1 Imports by random chance when shopping for Easter decorations. (At the time we didn't know the gender, but I thought the owl was cute.) So we just kind of went from there. We absolutely LOVE Jonathan Adler and the entire Ouef Nursery Collection but all the items we wanted from there were not necessarily in the design budget, so they became an inspiration of what we liked. We wanted the room to be inviting for a baby but also be a transitional room that he could grow into at the same time.

Decorating Style

For the nursery we wanted a clean modern room. But, in general I guess you could say that my design style varies. I grew up on antiques, my grandparents had numerous spaces in shops so I have always been drawn to anything vintage. But I also really love modern design! I like combining the two looks to make them my own. I am a crafter at heart, I’m not always the best at it...but I love anything crafty. DIY projects are my favorite kind. I love to repurpose pieces and it’s always fun to add an individualized element to a space. (I’m always gluing, stamping, or painting something. Even if it doesn’t look good, it’s still fun!) 

Project Details

There were many things that I would have loved to put in the room but I was on a specific budget for the space. So I splurged on a couple items and then went affordable on some others. In the end, the room ended up being a good little mix of “buy and budget.” We are really happy with how it turned out, and think it’s a fun family space.

Birch Trees - DIY. Hand Painted.

Dresser - Vintage buy, a score for $50. Painted White with Benjamin Moore Paint & added new dresser pulls. (Spent $100 on paint and supplies and $35 on new pulls.)

 Bird Mobile - DIY. Handmade my mother & husband. I picked out the Fabrics from JoAnns fabric & the sticks were found near our house. Fishing wire and hooks from Lowes.

Bedding - DIY (sort of) After not being able to find any modern bedding in my color palette I ended up designing it in Photoshop and then brought fabric to The Baby Guy and they sewed/ put the set together for me. They had a great turn around time!

Chevron Floor Pillows - DIY. My mother in law repurposed existing floor pillows.

 Orange Chalkboard - DIY. Painted a mirror I purchased at TJ Max with chalkboard paint and then spray painted the frame orange.

Frames Above Changing Table - All DIY, painted white. (my favorite is the ornate one I found at resale for under $3 and painted it.)

The stuffed giraffe is my childhood toy that my mom had made for me when I was a baby. (So happy to be able to pass it on to my little guy!)

Favorite Items

The birch silhouette trees on the wall are my absolute favorite. My husband painted them, he surprised me. (I woke up to them one morning, it was super sweet!) Another fave is the bass guitar hanging on the wall.  It was the guitar my husband was playing the first night we met. I also really dig the dresser/ changer. I love the it was an upcycled piece and has a mid century modern vibe to it. It was originally a china buffet, the top drawer has slats for placing silverware that ended up being perfect for little socks and onesies & the shelves behind the cabinet are perfect for diapers and supplies.  My favorite print from the room is the I love you alphabet print. The most cherished piece is a little antique sterling silver baby cup that was given to me by my grandpa.


My advice would be to remind people to think outside the box, you don't have to buy everything at a "baby" store. You can find some great pieces at very non-baby places. Also that a little paint can go a long way and really transform something into a whole new look. Most importantly, have FUN with creating your space... not everything has to be "matchy-matchy." Make the room special to YOU. There are a lot of little hidden pieces in this room that hold great meaning to us.

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  1. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Mark! Thanks for the hello. We still love this lamp after all these years :) Here is the info.. it looks like it is no longer available on Amazon, but maybe this will help you find it.

    Sovereign White Mini Gourd Modern Table Lamp

    Thank you! :)

  2. avatar Mark Jerry says:

    Loved This Room, Where did you get the white lamp that’s on the side table?
    I’ve been searching for one just like it! Please let me know?

  3. avatar Olivia Ava says:

    Thanks, I read your blog post such an amazing post. I’m going to hand paint the birch trees as well, and I was wondering if you have any pictures of the entire wall that you can send me.

  4. avatar Tammy says:

    Did you make the birdhouse nightlight or did you buy it somewhere?

  5. avatar Anna says:

    What color gray is this?

  6. avatar Kathlyn says:

    I am in love with the birch trees on one wall idea and yours, BY FAR, is the best one I have seen! Did you free hand your trees or do you have a picture you followed that you are open to sharing?!

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  9. avatar lutis says:

    Thank you Marta, so so so much! So sorry for the delayed reply! I am just seeing these comments. (so sorry!) I hope your trees turned out beautiful and you had a blast painting them! :)

  10. avatar lutis says:

    Ohmygosh… thank you so much! What a huge compliment!! I am so sorry for the late reply – I just saw this. (eek!)

    My hubby did them overnight (stayed up wayyyyy late) and then used another day to do touch ups – but he had it finished over the weekend :) I hope you had so much fun putting your daughter’s nursery together! :)

  11. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Leslie – So sorry for the late reply, I just now saw this.. . We used fishing wire to hang the mobile :) Thank you so much for the sweet words! Yayyy for Stonington Gray in your hallways! I would love to paint our halls that color too. Such a great one :)

  12. avatar Marta says:

    Hello! first of all what an amazing nursery! Love it! :)
    I’m going to hand paint the birch trees as well, and I was wondering if you have any picture of the entire wall that you can send me…

  13. avatar Sam says:

    This has become the inspiration room for my daughter’s nursery! :) I love that your husband hand-painted the trees; they look exactly like the wall decals!

    Can I ask how long it took him and how he did it? I’d love to try painting them for our nursery as well (but only if it’s not too time consuming)

  14. avatar Leslie says:

    Hi there, your nursey is gorgeous! My main hallways are BM Stonington Gray – everyone always asks.

    Quick question: how did you hang the mobile from the ceiling?


  15. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Gina! We actually made the print, though I’m sure you could find some awesome ones on etsy! I loveeeee etsy! If you shoot me an email, I can send you the print :)

  16. avatar lutis says:

    hi! Thank you! It’s by Baby Mod.. there is a link to it above :) We actually painted the bottom part that grey color. It came in a brown-ish tone :) Super easy to paint and made a huge difference too! :)

  17. avatar Gina Elm says:

    Where did you get your Alpha print with the I heart U in orange and the rest in blue? I assume etsy but if you have the shop that would be great!

  18. avatar Jenna H. says:

    I absolutely love this room!! Such great Ideas and inspiration! Where is the crib from? Or what brand? I love that its white with some grey!

  19. avatar lutis says:

    I will def check out the decals for my little ones bathroom, thank you for the info! :) I love his little lamp, it was such a nice gift to us. Goes great with his room too :)

  20. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Erica, Thank you! Had so much fun getting his room ready :) I found the lamp on Amazon. I was on the hunt for it! hehe

  21. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Mary! It’s called Valetti Silver :) Thanks!

  22. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Erika, Thank you! I had so much fun getting his room put together. I searched everywhere for his lamp! I ended up getting it on through Amazon. Here is the link. (It says unavailable, but shows the name & info for Lamps plus so it may help you find it.) Good luck on the search :)

  23. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Mary! It is called “Valetti Silver” Thank you for the sweet comment! :)

  24. avatar Mary says:

    Do you know what color fabric is your glider? Love your room. Thanks

  25. avatar Judy says:

    Yes we love these wall decals! pls see my reply above.
    just checked out your birdhouse lamp, so cute and pricy :)

  26. avatar Judy says:

    Lutis, good for you! we’ve actually purchased a few decals from different vendors however the trees from thewalldecors are our favorite, I’ve installed the trees all by myself in less than 3 hrs :), I like the idea of wall decals, you can just take them off later when you decide to have a change instead of repainting the whole wall.

  27. avatar Erica says:

    Love this room! Where did you get the white lamp that’s on the side table. I’ve been searching for one just like it!

  28. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Judy! My husband painted our trees but I have always wondered if the decals were easy to use. Do you like them? I bet your playroom looks amazing!

  29. avatar lutis says:

    Hi Judy, My husband painted these himself but I would love to get some decals for my son’s bathroom. Are they pretty easy to put on? I always wondered if they were tricky or not :)

  30. avatar Judy says:

    We have almost the same trees on the wall in the playroom however mine are wall decals

  31. avatar lutis says:

    Amanda, You just made my day with this comment.. thank you! :) Makes me so happy! :)

  32. avatar lutis says:

    Aww, thank you, Gracie! I am really happy with this color, grey is such a hard color to choose. We really love how it turned out. We almost went darker.. but like you said, it seemed a little on the gloomy side. Happy we went lighter :) Glad to hear you like the pops of orange! :)

  33. avatar lutis says:

    Thank you, Ashley! :) Oh man, we had about 25-30 grey paint samples on our wall at one point. Grey is such a tricky color. Some of the greys looked blue or lavender in the different lighting, so I was so happy to finally land on this one. Glad you like it! I think you’ll also find some great affordable pieces at Ikea, they have some hidden little gems there :)

  34. avatar Gracie says:

    Just perfect! That is a pretty shade of Gray. I don’t like the darker gray’s that I have been seeing in nurseries….because… they look gloomy. This is so bright and cheery and I love the pop of orange.

  35. avatar Ashley says:

    I love your nursery! Thanks for all of the sources info. The BM paint color is just what I am looking for and the IKEA shelves are a great solution! Very nice!!