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Unique Girl’s Nursery


For our daughter, Rosie Mae, we wanted a nursery that didn't have a theme.  If we had gone with a ready made theme, it would've been stars, but all the star themes were for boys.  So you'll notice some stars here and there, but otherwise it just sort of came together from a lot of lovely elements.  The great thing is, we intend to move Rosie Mae into the bigger other bedroom when #2 comes along and, if #2 is a boy, we can swap out a few design details and BOOM it's a boy's room!  That's why we picked the lovely green paint.

Design Inspiration

The first planned part of her nursery was her quilt.  The blue squares are from the button up collared shirt her father was wearing on the day we found out we were pregnant.  We lovingly referred to our fetus as "baby blue shirt" until we knew her name, and that shirt became a quilt.  To make the quilt for a girl, I picked out a nice pink fabric with raspberry and dark pink polka dots.  The crib skirt is made from the same fabric.  The rest of the room came together step by step from there.

Decorating Style

I have no idea.  Comfortable and clean.  Hahah.

Project Details

Crib: Pottery Barn - discontinued model.

Crib Skirt and Quilt Fabric:  JoAnn Fabric

Curtain Fabric: (item no longer in stock for a link)

Curtain and Crib Skirt no-sew tutorials:

Lanterns: Luna Bazaar -

Shelves:  Ikea Expedit (1x5 and 4x4)  Shelf Baskets:  Ikea

Glider and Ottoman:  Buy Buy Baby

Rug:  Ikea. 

Dresser/Diaper Changing Table:  Craigslist

Brown baskets w/ green and pink polka dot fabric:  Buy Buy Baby

Ribbon for lanterns and clothespin labels, as well as labels, paint, stars, chalkboard paint:  Michaels

Artwork:  Original from a friend.  You'll notice the lettering (and dress/handkerchief) matches the quilt/crib skirt and the blue background matches the blue shirt in the quilt.

Knit blanket on Glider: handmade by my godmother. 

Favorite Items

Maybe it's due to pride because I made these items, but truly I love love LOVE the quilt, the curtains (they're SUCH a fun pattern!) and the lantern installation.  I feel like these things make her room so unique and HERS.  Next in line would definitely be the art from my friend.  It's just stunning.  Lastly, her namesake is from the Maurice Sendak book "The Sign on Rosie's Door," and "Really Rosie."  I love the items throughout the room that are related to that, especially the doll.


Think about what you most want the space to be and build it from there.  We needed to add a lot of function to a small(ish) room.  We wanted all the major pieces to be neutral gendered so we could keep everything the same for #2 (if it's a boy) and just swap out design elements.  And we wanted it to be comfortable and unique.  I think we accomplished just that!  And, if you're on project nursery, you're probably already beyond this piece of advice, but, step outside the big box stores and their themes.  Just because you want stars but all the stars are for boys, don't settle for princesses.  Make up your own universe of girlie stars! :)


Friday 14th of September 2012

Very Pretty!! I really love the colors. Good job :)