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Gender Revealing Party


We threw a party to announce (and find out ourselves) the gender of our first baby.  (A boy!)  At our 20 week ultrasound, we had the ultrasound tech write on a piece of paper if it was a boy or girl and put it in a sealed envelope with the gender revealing ultrasound pictures.  I quickly took the envelope to a close friend to look inside and order a cake with pink or blue filling.  I've heard rumors of people taking the envelope to the bakery without someone looking and the bakery made the wrong colored cake or they lost the envelope, so I had a friend look at it to make sure it was correct.  At the party, I had a betting pool where people could bet $ on the date/time/weight of the baby when he is born.  There was an opportunity for people to vote on the sex and then I drew a name out of the correct boy/girl jar and they won a prize.  I had a couple baby pictures of me and my husband up, my pregnancy journal, and old wives tales on what the gender may be, available for people to read for fun. 

Design Inspiration

In being pregnant with our first child, my husband and I look for any reason to celebrate. I had heard that a lot of people are doing gender revealing parties to make the revealing of the baby's sex more of a ceremonial event and we had to join in the fun.  I was honestly inspired by so many other people that posted their fun ideas online. 

Decorating Style

I like clean and simple.  I used pink and blue as the color theme.  I don't like a cluter of decorations, but a hint of decorations here and there so that you know that you're at a party.  I spread out my stations throughout my downstairs so people could move about the house but still be involved in the party. 

Project Details

I got the "He or She - What will it be" poster, mustaches and bows on a stick, and the lips and mustaches on straws from  Thank you, Brooke!  She did an amazing job and it was a nice personal touch.  I made the pom poms from tissue paper and directions from a Martha Stewart google search.  I made the banners from paper I got at Jo-Anne's and some twine.  I made all the little signs and gambling questionaire on word document. 

Favorite Items

I think I really liked the pom poms!  They were really easy to make and I thought they looked really cool.  I also liked the HERSHEY bars, I saw that on a google search and loved it.  It was a fun, easy project that was just another thing to send home with people as a favor for coming.   


Thursday 7th of June 2012

I think that this is a great and fun party. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to know what old wives said about baby genders?