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Gender Neutral Neverland Nursery


When you wait to find out the gender of your baby a gender neutral nursery is a must. The smooth grey was the first choice for the nursery and everything fell into place from there. Peter Pan has always been a favorite of mine since childhood and when our little one arrives we can easily swing the theme to be more feminine with mermaids and fairies or masculine with pirates and Pan. The ideas are endless when it comes to Neverland. I look forward to building a teepee fort when our baby is older. Something a boy or girl can surely enjoy.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was Peter Pan and the many characters within the story. While Tinker Bell may have not lived in a grandfather clock in the Disney film she certainly did in the movie Hook. I love the unique character the grandfather clock brings to the room. It is that much more meaningful to know it is a piece my father built and a clock I remember through childhood. (Don't worry, the chimes can be turned off.)

Decorating Style

Simple and clean with an eclectic collection of items and decor.

Project Details

DIY Crib: This family crib was built in 1879 so you can imagine it took some conditioning. The headboard was in poor shape so my husband and I upholstered a new headboard. Attempting a headboard on this small of a scale was a great project. Custom fitted sheets were a must as there was no "standard" crib size in 1879. We ordered sheets from The Couture Cradle on Etsy. They fit like a dream.

Wall decal Sailing on the Stars was purchased from Sissy Little on Etsy.

The whimsical Peter, Wendy, and Tink mobile was a custom order purchased from By Nature Child on Etsy.

The center silhouette was purchased from The Happy Thought Shop on Etsy.

The assortment of white frames were purchased from Michael's craft store.

DIY Hanging Baskets: My inspiration was the Pottery Barn Hannah Wall Basket however I purchased a kitchen Fintorp Rail wall organizer from IKEA. The baskets were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Striped Rug: Target

DIY Monogram 'T': I purchased vintage white shell buttons at a yard sale and picked up a piece of yellow silk with a nice texture. After drawing the shape of a 'T' that I liked I sewed each button into place before framing the custom project.

Favorite Items

My favorite item in our nursery is the family crib. This heirloom was built in 1879 and has been passed down through the generations on my husband's side. Imagine for a moment, this crib was built before The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was every written in 1900. Perhaps you'll feel even more of an impact when you consider this crib was built before the 19th Amendment was passed and women had the right to vote! It's an amazing piece which I'm incredibly proud to have for our child.


Choose a mellow wall color that can stay on the walls as your nursery transitions with your child's growth. You can always add splashes of color with unique items and fabric.


Wednesday 18th of May 2016

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