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Farmers Market Birthday Party


A backyard farmers market birthday party.

Design Inspiration

After visiting a local farmers market and enjoying the music and food, we knew recreating this backdrop for a 2nd birthday party would be perfect.

Project Details

Paper: I truly believe a good party comes together from start to finish with good design and print work. I worked on customizing my order with Pera Press on Etsy.

Live music: The idea of this theme really came after seeing how much my daughter enjoyed dancing to Josh’s Klaus music at the farmers market we visited. Sure enough he was available and he was the hit of the party for both adults and kids alike.

Favorite Items

Party Favors: I bought little terra cotta planters, placed a bag of soil and packet of seeds and sent everyone home with one so they can grow their own flowers. I love doing projects with my daughter and thought this was a fun way to send our guests home with a project of their own.


Find something you and your family like to do and plan something around that. It doesn't have to be a conventional theme.

Jana-Lyn J

Monday 14th of August 2017

Hello! I love the idea of sending home little flower question is that normally flower pots have holes on the bottom. Did you have a liner for the flower pot? Or did it already come with it? Or you didn't need it? Sorry I'm not very knowledgable on planting. I just love this idea for my son's first bday. Pls let me know!

Karen Beus Glenn

Friday 25th of July 2014

What a darling party! Nicely done, Kelly :) Love your daughter dancing to the music.


Tuesday 22nd of July 2014

What a clever, cute idea! I love how you executed this party!