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Easton Waylon Cowboy Colorful Nursery


My project was for my first born son nursery.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired to be different when it came to decorating his nursery. I wanted it to be something he could grow into. I did not want his nursery to be the same as every other nursery so I came up with some of my own ideas.

Decorating Style

I would say his nursery has a vintage, rustic charm. I incorporated cowboy and hunting them along with some bright colors such as red and yellow. I put a mix of chevron patterns in his room to make it stand out.

Project Details

Chevron mattress cover and crib skirt I got from The Pink Polka Dot StoreĀ on Etsy

Chevron yellow changing pad cover I also got fromĀ The Pink Polka Dot StoreĀ on Etsy

Chevron yellow diaper stacker I bought from the store Little Angels Emporium on Etsy

Red Chevron pillow case cover I bought from Hobby Lobby

Pepsi crate I use to hold diapers and wipes etc I bought fromĀ Harvest Vintage GoodsĀ on Etsy

Burlap banner with his name on it I bought from AlI Inspired on Etsy

Yellow chevron blanket with his name on it I bought from With Love Boutique ALĀ Ā  store onĀ Etsy

John Wayne sign quote I bought from K Zukowski on Etsy

keep calm signs I bought from Keep Calm Spot on Etsy

Red vintage crib was my husbands we refinished and painted

Red and yellow crates I bought from Wal-Mart and spray painted

Quilts were hand made by some family friends

Chevron gray and white laundry basket I bought from Wal-mart

Cow pictures on wall I bought off the website

Lamp I bought from Lowes

Chevron EWVĀ initials me and my husband hand made with canvas and fabric and some letters and super glue

John Wayne picture I found at my local Hobby Lobby

Cowboy Boot piggy bank Hobby Lobby

Guitar on the wall is my husbands

Cowboy hat we found at a local boot store called Lebos

Yellow basket under crib I bought from T.JMaxx

Favorite Items

My favorite item would have to his red crib. It was my husbands crib and we took it and refinished it with a fresh coat of paint and the black and white chevron crib skirt and sheets really set the red off.


I started with colors and a idea; once I had that figured out I started to buy at 15 weeks when I found out I was having a baby boy. Once you got a idea go with you. You don't have to be like everyone else. Make your nursery your own with your ideas. Get inspired with someone else ideas then add your own little twist to it.