Eric’s Gray and Yellow Modern Nursery

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I had lots of ideas for Eric's nursery that I had been collecting since I designed Julia's room 4 years ago (it was featured on Project Nursery a couple of years back). I knew I wanted gray and yellow to be the main colors and started there. I also decided to design the fabrics and (learn how to) sew the textiles and create the wall art for the room, so it was my major DIY project for a while.

Design Inspiration

The colors, gray and yellow, orange accents and geometric patterns. I posted my room inspirations on my blog a while ago.

Decorating Style

I like modern, clean and fresh designs, with bright colors mixed in with neutrals.

Project Details

I didn't really find bedding the way I wanted in the colors I needed, so I designed the fabric myself (I printed everything using Spoonflower , and now you can buy my fabrics there too ). I also set out to sew everything - I took sewing classes in July to learn how to sew for this project. I figured if I couldn't do it I would find a seamstress on Etsy to do it for me, but it turned out OK! This used to be a guest bedroom, so we started out taking the room apart, then tearing the carpet out and had wood floors put in, and the closet door and frame were replaced by a bigger/folding door to maximize the space (about 20 inches or so of closet space were hidden behind a wall, thanks to the not-so-smart builder). That way we could fit the closet organizer in there, we used the IKEA Pax. Next we painted the room, and for the stripes we tested this wonderful product called Tape Seal which made possible to have straight, perfect lines on a textured wall. I highly recommend it! Too bad we didn't discover this product when we painted other rooms in the house...The colors are from Sherwin-Williams, Uncertain Gray, Daisy and Fun Yellow. We all painted a bit - including big sister Julia. The crib and the dresser/changing table were from Julia's room, the Oeuf Classic. The glider and pouf are new this time around. The glider is a Monte Design Luca glider, which I didn't want to spend the money on the first time but decided to get now that I didn't have to spend on crib/dresser. Seems very comfortable and I can't wait to use it. The pouf is from Tazi Designs, Moroccan Leather in Yellow - it was the first yellow item I got for the room and defined the shade I was going to use for everything else. The side table and shelves are from IKEA (LACK). I also made the wall art - the alphabet poster is a bilingual one, for each letter it has a little drawing in English and Portuguese, and I made it from scratch. The 3 pictures on top of the crib I bought a vector art of the trees with a bird and modified it to create this series. I printed everything with a local Austin studio that does giclée print and the quality is great. Frames are from IKEA. The rug I put together on the FLOR website, the style is the Rake Me Over in Yellow, Titanium, Fog & Cloud. The final touch was changing the ceiling fan to a more modern one, we chose the Casa Vieja Compass in Brushed Nickel, which is really quiet and has clean lines.

Favorite Items

I can't pick just one, I love how the stripes on the wall turned out, the curtains and the alphabet poster.


Do a lot of research, there are so many wonderful websites out there these days with great ideas, I used Pinterest to collect photos of the things I loved.


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    Wow. I really love the color combination you used. It came out as a very modern and clean room. Great job!

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    It’s great that big sister got to help paint the new baby’s room! I really love hearing about the entire family giving a hand in designing a nursery. Yours turned out really modern and stylish. That pouf is really nice looking, too.

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    Job well done! We were thrilled to feature your first and delighted to share your second. We also just featured you on our homepage photo gallery. Thanks again.

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    I am totally in love with the bedding you made!! I have been looking for gray and yellow crib bedding forever, and I can’t find anything I like. I wish I could sew!!

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    Personally, is not my taste. I think children’s room should be colorful but peaceful at the same time. Bright different colors would give it a much happier touch and well, make it look like a children’s room and not a design project coming out of a magazine. The room is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I would associate a child’s bedroom to a more happier looking decoration with lots of different colors, animals, shapes and everything else that would make think of children.

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    i am doing a gray and white theme and was browsing for ideas and came across yours…and i just want to say that i LOVE your nursery :)
    very clean and bright…

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    I love these frames-which ones are they from ikea? I am trying to find them. Would love to know!

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