Emerson’s Colorful Nursery

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  • Colorful Nursery
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  • DIY Colorful Fabric Rings in this Colorful Nursery
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My daughter Emerson's colorful nursery was inspired by gift that someone gave me of a photo of a mariska doll  that spams 'You are beautiful inside and out'.  The nursery is a collection of colors, textures, patterns.  We played with a balance of hard and soft and love the way it turned out.

Design Inspiration

My daughter Emerson's room was inspired by gift that someone gave me of a photo of a mariska doll  that spams 'You are beautiful inside and out'. 

Decorating Style

I am not really sure that I have a specific style.  For Emerson's room I just bought things that stood out and made a lot of the artwork myself.  It is defiantly very bright and colorful little girls room.

Project Details

Rocking Chair: Babies R' Us

Teal Side Table: A store called 'Tattered Accents' -$30 Find!

Crib: Buy Buy Baby (A gift from friends)

Custom Bedding and Changing Pad Cover: Etsy (ELLIOT JUNE DESIGNS)


Rug: Target (Clearance $25)

Dresser: IKEA

Knobs: Majority came from a trip I took with my mom to Germany.  The knobs are very special to me as my mother and I went to Germany together to meet her birthmother and bought the knobs at a shop near town.  I knew they would one day be a part of my babies' nursery.

Shelf: DIY (Inspiration Restoration Hardware) $15

Light Fixture: Garage sale $20

Fabric Rings: DIY

Closet: DIY

Favorite Items

My favorite items are the knobs on the dresser (as explained above), the light fixture, and the artwork on the walls.  I also the photo that was the whole inspiration for the room.


Don't rush to finish!  My husband and I did not know the gender of our baby until she was born (we also moved into our house 2 weeks after she was born).  We waiting until we knew for sure if it was a boy or girl as I wanted the nursery to be geared towards the gender.  We purchased things slowly and made a lot of things ourselves.  We just finished the nursery completely maybe 2 months ago!


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    Can you please share where you got the curtains from? You have a great eye in mixing colors and patterns! Good job!

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