Detroit Tigers Nursery

  • Refinished Bookcase with Detroit Tigers Colors1/8
  • 2/8
  • 3/8
  • Baseball Accent Wall with Stitching Decals4/8
  • Baseball Foul Pole in this Detroit Tigers Nursery5/8
  • Old English D History6/8
  • Hand Painted Paws Character7/8
  • Refinished Navy Dresser with World Series Dates8/8


Decided to make a Detroit Tiger themed nursery.

Design Inspiration

Long time Tiger fans.


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    Sorry for the long delay….. I made the Detroit table from five 18 inch mini baseball bats I bought off the internet. I also used left over baseball stitching decals from the wall design for the top of the table. Two Old English D decals were used for the top and bottom surfaces.

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