Eclectic and Dreamy Nursery

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I wanted to create a peaceful, dreamy and cozy room for my baby girl (not born yet, my due date is in august). Something modern, pure and simple, with few touches of bright colors...

I had a little space challenge in this room that is quite small (8 feet X 9 feet) so I made a diaper changing station in the wardrobe.

Design Inspiration

I started with : A cardboard unicorn, a chevron rug and my Eiffel rocking chair. Mint + Coral Red.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, Shabby Chic, little bit vintage.

Project Details

I painted the wooden wardrobe in bright mint green by myself.

Favorite Items

Unicorn, mint wardrobe and owl plush.


  1. 1

    Lovely nursery. The colors are bright and clean, and the place has lots of natural light coming in.

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    I love this room so much!! Where did you get the white fur throw on the rocking chair? I’m planning on ordering that same chair and also wanted to put a fur throw on it! ALso, is the rocking chair comfortable?

  5. 5

    Hi ! The faux sheepskin is from IKEA, only $12.99 ;)

    And the Eiffel rocking chair is not the most comfortable rocking chair of the world… But with pillows and fur on it, and if you’re not too tall, it is perfect. Hope it helps you !

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    Grey walls are painted with Behr Dolphin Fin grey, from Home Depot.

    The crib is designed and made in Montreal, I found it 3 years ago, it is a second hand crib. I don’t know which boutique it comes from :(

  10. 10

    The red bear is DIY.. I took red cardboard and cut it with x-acto knife. Curtains are from IKEA, only 25$ :)

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  13. 13

    love love LOVE this! Coral, grey and aqua are the exact colors I chose for my baby girl’s nursery! :) We just moved, and now I want to change up her room a bit instead of just painting all the walls grey, and was considering wall decals…and seeing this just solidified it! :) Mind me asking which etsy store you purchased the polka dots from, and what size the dots are?

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    So pretty! Would you mind sharing the name of the fabrics for the bedding, or the name of the shop? Thanks so much!

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    I would like to know where you buy the fabric for the bedding? wich store on etsy? Thanks!

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    I have the same wood wardrobe you have and love the idea of painting it mint! Did you sand it before painting?
    Lovely nursery! :)

  24. 27

    All of this is adorable! I would also like to know how you painted the wardrobe! I was thinking about buying a similar one from IKEA and would like something other than white. Also, where did you get the 4-cube shelves?

  25. 28


    Love the nursery, where did you get the unicorn from? Would love one for my baby’s nursery

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