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Designer-style Transitional Bathroom


A spa-like neutral-colored bathroom, perfect for all ages, babies to adults.

Design Inspiration

I fell in love with a shower curtain I saw at Anthropologie but couldn't justify the high price to purchase it.  I was determined to find a way to have a similar shower curtain in my own bathroom, and when I found the perfect one, I based my  design around it.

Decorating Style

When I decorate, I always find a piece of inspiration first, and then choose my decor based on the inspiration.  I have designed around pieces of art, photography, patterns from  clothing, a highly-valued trinket, you name it.  Inspiration can literally come from anything!

Project Details

  • Shower Curtain: The original shower curtain that I fell in love with can be found at Anthropologie (Search "Flamenco Shower Curtain" - $118). ¬†The "knock-off" version that I purchased for the bathroom was found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $48
  • Vinyl saying: JoAnn Fabrics on clearance
  • Towels: Target
  • Rug: Already owned

Favorite Items

The shower curtain is my favorite item!  I was bound and determined to have a ruffled shower curtain, and I'm so glad I was able to make it happen .


Take your time and find pieces that mean something to you!  Use Project Nursery to find elements that you would like to see in your room, and then add those elements in a way that will mesh with the design you've chosen.  For instance, the rug has most of the same colors as the bathroom; though it doesn't match 100% perfectly, it adds depth to the room.