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Carter and Wesley’s Big(ish) Boy Room


Since we found out we're having a baby girl this June, at the first of January I decided to get to work redesigning Carter's room into a space he and little brother Wesley could share (that way I could turn Wesley's room into a girly wonderland!).

Design Inspiration

I found inspiration in a room I saw in Pottery Barn Kids catalog, but since that bed alone would've taken my entire budget, I decided to find my own (more affordable) solution.

Decorating Style

Our home, while new, is a Bungalow style, so I gravitate toward traditional design. As a mom of 2-almost-3 children, creating functional spaces is also very important to me.

In this case, I hated the idea of our oldest son always getting the top bunk, so when I found these little loft beds they were the perfect solution. These are also shorter than traditional bunk beds, so I like that a) if the boys fall, they won't fall from very far (eek!!) and b) the top bunk won't be directly in the way of the upper window. I love the natural light and didn't want to add curtains.

Project Details

The loft beds (as well as the bed curtains) are from Amazon. I got the TeePee a few years ago from The Land of Nod (similar here), and the lights on top from Target (these make it so much cooler at night). The red chair, lumbar pillow, and footstool/storage box are all from Target. The grey stuffed animal bean bag is from Boon. The stuffed fox is from BlaBla Kids, and the large ferris wheel print is from Etsy. The bookcase, which also doubles as additional toy storage, is called a Kidkraft Sling bookshelf. Most of the bedding is from Target, and the nautical banner across the top is from Land of Nod.

Favorite Items

In addition to the forts beneath the beds, Carter's favorite part: His new Superman sheets (unfortunately they're not pictured)! One of my favorite parts would also have to be the forts, mostly because I can hide their less picturesque stuff down there. Win!


With how quickly kids needs and preferences change, I'm glad I've restrained myself (and my budget) in redesigning their rooms. My oldest son isn't even 4 yet and he's already had 3 different rooms (1 due to moving homes, 1 due to moving rooms within the same home, 1 due to combining with little brother)! When designing for little kids, in addition to creating beautiful spaces, I think keeping function & affordability in mind is important.

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Friday 4th of July 2014

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Joy Walton

Friday 25th of April 2014

great advice. love love the teepee