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Curious Aaden’s 1st Birthday Party


We had a "Curious George" themed birthday party for our curious little boy- Aaden. Party was held at Kidville- activities including art table, parachute play, baby zip lining, and a Taiwanese tradition: "Baby First Grab- Zhua Zhou".

Design Inspiration

Aaden has a Curious George plush animal since he was born (his first plush animal). There are also 5 Curious George sticker monkeys on his nursery wall so he loves to wish them good night/good morning every day. I know Aaden would be happy to celebrate his 1st birthday with his best friend!

Decorating Style

Fun and colorful

Project Details

(1) Paper pinwheel, welcome sign: DIY. (2) Curious George wooden car, lunchbox, pail: Amazon. (3) Curious George "Jack in the Box": (4) Curious George photo clips: (5) Curious George ribbon: (6) Curious George banner:

Favorite Items

Kids table setting- big yellow hat assembled by cup & plate. DIY paper pinwheel and welcome sign.

Faye Pearson

Tuesday 9th of October 2012

That "Baby First Grab- Zhua Zhou".tradition sounds interesting. What's that about?


Tuesday 9th of October 2012

It’s an ancient method for predicting an infant’s future career. This is a traditional custom held at child’s first birthday in Taiwan, China, and Korea. Zhua, or “to pick,” and zhou, meaning “first anniversary,” is a ceremony at which parents place a variety of objects, each symbolic of a future career path, in front of the child and then have the child pick one. Supposedly, the object the child selects will not only reveal their future career but also certain personality traits and interests. The list of items might be varied. Here is what I use and what they represent: 1) Ruler- designer; 2) Pen- writer; 3) Calculator- banker; 4) Computer mouse- engineer; 5) Music instrument- musician; 6) Book- professor; 7) Camera- photographer; 8) Ladle- cook; 9) Thermometer- doctor; 10) Money in a red envelope- rich!