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Cove’s Modern Jungle First Birthday Party


When it came time for us to start thinking about a theme for Cove's first birthday, I knew I wanted it to be from something we experienced together as a family during his first year of life. We were able to take Cove to both the Atlanta Zoo and the San Diego Zoo this year and he loved it. Since we had such great memories there together as a family, I decided to do a modern jungle theme. We have always used #gocove since before he was born, so we played on that to theme the party GO COVE, GO WILD.

We tied together modern themes like geometric patterns and African Mudcloth patterns to build out the branding and design. My husband and I did the logo and invites ourselves, and then had them printed. We also crafted handmade geometric photo frames to hold the Polaroid's that we had people take at the party as party favors. Then we added jungle greenery and tiny zoo animals to the scheme and it pulled it all together.

It was a day of pure bliss being able to watch Cove dive into his cake and seeing his loved ones there. And it will always be a special memory for us.

You can view more photos and details of the party on The Southern Trunk here.


Monday 3rd of September 2018

Hey! I’m having a first birthday party for my little guy and wondering where you got the table runner that is under all the food?! Love it!