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Creative Baby Sprinkle


One of my very best friends, Destiny, is expecting a baby girl early in 2017 (12 days after I'm due!), so I wanted to throw her a sprinkle (a shower when a mom is having a child of a different gender). I decided to host it at a cute creperie in Houston called Sweet Paris, and the venue was perfect (especially given the dreary, rainy weather outside!).

There were sprinkled cups, sprinkle balloons, an invitation with sprinkles inside, a sprinkle cake, and a sprinkled balloon backdrop. We decorated cupcakes, predicted the baby's birth date, watched eagerly as Destiny opened one cute gift after another, sang Happy Birthday (Destiny's birthday was just two days before), and had great conversation.

I have more details on my blog here (including sources for all items in the shower).

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  1. So cute! I’m throwing a sprinkle in June and wanted to do a photobooth, love that this give it some 3D texture! Check out for what I offer in the PA/NJ area and updates with how the backdrop turns out!

  2. avatar Felicia says:

    Here’s a link to another DIY that tells you where they got their balloons from

  3. avatar Danika says:

    Where did you purchase these sprinkle like balloons? Do you know what they are called.

  4. avatar Geo-Anna Hirshenbaum says:

    Nice sparkle party! Where did she find the balloons for the backdrop? What type of balloons are they?


  5. avatar Sasha Squibb says:

    Hi! Where did you get the balloons you used on the white backdrop?