Cookies & Milk Gender Neutral Nursery

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Through the years, my mom and I have always been close. She always made me feel like I could share anything with her. We would usually have heart-to-heart conversations late at night, with a glass of milk and a few warm chocolate chip cookies. I hope to have that kind of relationship with my son. I just knew cookies & milk would be a fun theme for his nursery! We really gravitated towards black and white nurseries, so I knew I wanted to use a lot of black, white, and ivory details. We also thought it would be fun to throw in some cognac leather details to add a touch of masculinity to the room. We DIY’d the leather handles on the dresser and nightstand to match the storage bench to do just that! We also saved a bit of money by spray painting the chandelier from gold to matte black. Every time I walk into the nursery, it reminds me of the kind of mom I want to be. 🖤 🍪

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