French Farmhouse Gender Neutral Nursery

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In December we welcomed our rainbow baby boy, Jack, after many losses and a successful round of IVF. Being that this was our second and final child, and a boy (we have a girl who is 3) I wanted to create a special space just for him. I really wanted this space to be a relaxing, inviting one where the kids will eventually play together. This is why there's lots of room in the center of the room for their toys to spread out! I think that many nurseries just have so much stuff, especially nurseries for firstborn children. The second time around, I realized we don't really need that much!

I've always been a change-on-the-go kind of mom, so I change in the pack-and-play or on the floor. I never used a changing table with my daughter, so this time I omitted it from the nursery altogether.

It's my deepest desire that this will be a room filled with love, kisses, and hugs, so a spacious room was what our children deserved!

A lot of my inspiration came from the French Farmhouse style of decorating. I love all of the textures, and different shades of 'white'. My favorite! You can read more about the room on my blog here.

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