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Connor’s DIY Nursery


We wanted a baby room that can grow up as the kids get older. Also due to the small size of the room we wanted to keep baby things to a minimum. Also wanted to keep it low cost, but fun.

Design Inspiration

Project helped me a lot with inspiration. We were going for a contemporary baby room with new and classic toys.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is reuse, recycle and DIY.

Project Details

Wall paint colors: Lowe's (Mercer Blue and Oatmeal) Room was painted by my husband, my sister-in-law and I.

Curtains and curtain rod: Lowe's $25/a panel and rod $25

Connor name sign: letters from Hobby Lobby at $1.50 a letter, stain from Lowe's and a husband with a drill and know how

Crib and changing table set: for $125

Lamp on changing table: IKEA        $14.99

Picasso wall art: IKEA       $39.99

Rocking chair/ottoman: for $30

Side table is a metal secretary desk made in Muscatine,IA which we got at the Salvation Army for $10 and put a free airline blanket on top.

Antique Floor Lamp: $10 Husband rewired and bought a new lamp shade for $20

LL Bean rocking moose: for $10 and husband fixed the handles that were destroyed by the previous owner's dog

Hanging shelves: Hobby Lobby (Half price sale) $15/each

Toys on the hanging shelves from top left to bottom right: husband's robot dino, my old walking turtle toy, my husband's happy apple, Mini Ugly Doll (Tutulu), robot cutout, sock monkey and Mini Ugly Doll (Ket)

Elephant art sketch: inspired by (Nursery Art Print Elephant Love 8x10 by DeliveredByDanielle) and drawn by my husband. Then we framed and hung it.

Sock Monkey art: inspired by (Nursery Art Print Set Sock Monkey 8x10 by DeliveredByDanielle). My husband used our sock monkey and photo shopped him into these 8X10 photos. Printed at target for $9 altogether and framed using old frames we don't use anymore.

Bookshelf: $10

Various toys and books from ebay, antique stores, second hand stores, TJ Maxx and Marshall's





Favorite Items

Everything made by my husband: Connor sign, elephant art sketch and the sock monkey art. 


A baby nursery shouldn't cost a fortune. The internet is a wealth of ideas to start from, but as you go along your true style will emerge. and were a great help in keeping costs down. Also use whatever skills you and your significant other have and DIY. 

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  1. avatar Babo4ever says:

    Nice job!

  2. avatar avalon says:

    Hi Jackie: This is such a lovely room! I love it that you have his toys up there on a shelf it makes the room so alive. Great work!