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Connor’s DIY Nursery


We wanted a baby room that can grow up as the kids get older. Also due to the small size of the room we wanted to keep baby things to a minimum. Also wanted to keep it low cost, but fun.

Design Inspiration

Project helped me a lot with inspiration. We were going for a contemporary baby room with new and classic toys.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is reuse, recycle and DIY.

Project Details

Wall paint colors: Lowe's (Mercer Blue and Oatmeal) Room was painted by my husband, my sister-in-law and I.

Curtains and curtain rod: Lowe's $25/a panel and rod $25

Connor name sign: letters from Hobby Lobby at $1.50 a letter, stain from Lowe's and a husband with a drill and know how

Crib and changing table set: for $125

Lamp on changing table: IKEA        $14.99

Picasso wall art: IKEA       $39.99

Rocking chair/ottoman: for $30

Side table is a metal secretary desk made in Muscatine,IA which we got at the Salvation Army for $10 and put a free airline blanket on top.

Antique Floor Lamp: $10 Husband rewired and bought a new lamp shade for $20

LL Bean rocking moose: for $10 and husband fixed the handles that were destroyed by the previous owner's dog

Hanging shelves: Hobby Lobby (Half price sale) $15/each

Toys on the hanging shelves from top left to bottom right: husband's robot dino, my old walking turtle toy, my husband's happy apple, Mini Ugly Doll (Tutulu), robot cutout, sock monkey and Mini Ugly Doll (Ket)

Elephant art sketch: inspired by (Nursery Art Print Elephant Love 8x10 by DeliveredByDanielle) and drawn by my husband. Then we framed and hung it.

Sock Monkey art: inspired by (Nursery Art Print Set Sock Monkey 8x10 by DeliveredByDanielle). My husband used our sock monkey and photo shopped him into these 8X10 photos. Printed at target for $9 altogether and framed using old frames we don't use anymore.

Bookshelf: $10

Various toys and books from ebay, antique stores, second hand stores, TJ Maxx and Marshall's





Favorite Items

Everything made by my husband: Connor sign, elephant art sketch and the sock monkey art. 


A baby nursery shouldn't cost a fortune. The internet is a wealth of ideas to start from, but as you go along your true style will emerge. and were a great help in keeping costs down. Also use whatever skills you and your significant other have and DIY. 


Tuesday 3rd of July 2012

Nice job!


Monday 18th of June 2012

Hi Jackie: This is such a lovely room! I love it that you have his toys up there on a shelf it makes the room so alive. Great work!