Lucy’s Whimsical Nursery

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This is Lucy's Whimsical Escape filled with both vintage and new things.  Things from her father's childhood and her mothers childhood.

Design Inspiration

I began with Pinterest and just found idea's and put them all together.  It is a collaboration of DIY projects, vintage pieces, and new pieces.  I wanted it to be something that she could grow up with and not have to redesign because of it being too childish when she's older.

Decorating Style

Whimsical Vintage

Project Details

A lot of the art work is from Target, my childhood and my husband's childhood.  The curtains are from, bookshelf and dresser are from Ikea, crib is from Walmart, rocking chair is from and idea's are all from

Favorite Items

The bookshelf from Ikea and all the items it is filled with.


Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest will get you going with inspiration and idea's.


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