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Classic Oxford Nursery



We picked our home office to turn into the nursery instead of a bigger space, like one of our guest bedrooms. We wanted the nursery to be right next to the master and knew we would have to work with a somewhat small space. I, personally, wanted to create a magical perspective on the natural world for our baby boy. I've never been big into blue/pink/koala bears/princesses and other cheesy baby decors. On the other hand, I've always been obsessed with preppy looks and old-world style. Nothing like the antic, cozy, and warm library feel of a very old house or manoir, but of course, we wanted the room to still be a fun and bright space for a very young kid. The nursery is filled with gentle but vibrant tones and soft, natural textures such as linen and cashmere fabrics with classic & timeless plaid & tartan as well as pieces of furniture that baby boy won't outgrow in a few months and can keep for a long time. The wall art and different pieces have been carefully curated to tell my future little knight the most extraordinary stories!