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Sebastian’s Costal Nursery


Sebastians costal nursery. I wanted to create a special space for my baby boy due in February. This makes number 4 for me, so with it being my last baby I was inspired to go above and beyond to create something beautiful. It’s been a minute since I’ve created a boy nursery. I’ve been creating girl nurseries for the past 5 years. The ocean and beach are my happy place and I knew I wanted this room to have that feel. I started with the name sign first. I wanted to display his name in a unique way. I thought what better way than a surf board. Luckily I found a company “Marker Six” on Etsy that made my vision come to life.  My in laws just purchased a home in South Carolina. While visiting, I saw this beautiful wallpaper in one of the rooms. The blue and white, and mix of flamingos with palms are what did it for me! It was so elegant and costal. I loved it from the minute I saw it. I do have to give credit to my MIL for the finding. Once I found the wallpaper and name sign , everything else just fell into place. I started mixing boho decor in and beige tones. It really added warmth and made the room feel cozy. I am so proud of this nursery. It’s bittersweet that it is my last! Links are available on my Instagram- Kelsikelley1