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Claire’s Pastel Jungle Nursery


This nursery project was lots of fun as shown throughout the colors - bright, colorful, happy and light (thanks to my hubby for going along with it!). Knowing we didn't want everything to be "pink," we tried to think of themes that would evoke imagination in our little one and draw up a variety of calming but bright colors. I stubbled across a book I had written as a 10-year-old for a school project. It served as inspiration for my soon-to-arrive (at the time) daughter's nursery. Everything from "monkeys on the curtains" I credit to my 10-year-old self!

Hand-painted Artwork, Wall Color & Bedding

The entire project started with the hand-painted canvas above the crib. I love art but had never taken on a painting so large. It turned out better than I imagined after about a month of draft sketches. In addition, I snagged some items from Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn Kids as soon as it was released. I knew that I loved the fun palm/elephant prints. Therefore, I wanted to make sure my painting would tie in with the assortment of Lilly things. In addition, my mom, husband and I landed on Dew Point by Behr as the perfect paint color.

Hand-Embroderied Framed Napkins

The small hand-embroidered napkins next to the large painting were done by the husband's grandmother whom had recently passed. They were so pretty and knew I needed to frame them.

Whimsical Drapes & Wallpapered Diaper Bin

After seeing this amazing lemon drop nursery, I fell in LOVE with the drapery and wall accents. I discovered and really gravitated towards this fruity monkeys pattern from Esther Fallon Lau. With Spoonflower, you can choose a design and have it made into fabrics, wallpaper or wrapping paper. I created the hand-sewn drapes with the pattern. Don't you just love the monkey curtain ties!? Before we moved we had purchased the wallpaper that matched the curtains. It is removable wallpaper that could be transferred and reused, but we didn't have enough for a wall in the new house. I give credit to my mom for suggesting I use it in small bits on the diaper pail, and in focused artwork!

Heirloom Rocking Chair and Refurbished Dresser

I have always been a sentimental person and enjoy keeping things that have that special meaning, yet can be used in new and modern ways. My mother-in-law gave me the rocking chair - SAME ONE that my husband was rocked to sleep in as a baby! It perfectly ties in the dark, antique wood that was already present in the flooring and door frame. I gave it a modern touch with a white monogrammed rocking chair pad. In addition, we were given an old dresser that was my husband's grandmothers. It had some wear to it and we found it a bit too small for our clothing. I knew this piece could be redone for our little girl. My father-in-law helped us sand and paint the dresser white, cut the legs (so it would fit right under the built-in desk area), and make the gold animal handles. The gold animal handles alone were difficult to get just right!

Monkey Lamp and Finishing Touches

My mother had found the monkey wall lamp online. I didn't buy it right away until I found it on super discount (1/3 the original price) at Walmart. Picked out the perfect pink lampshade to match the wallpaper it would hang on. The wall lamp is probably my most favorite thing in the nursery! All of the other decor and finishing touches I credit to gifts from my wonderful friends and family (oh... and Homegoods). So many animal-themed things that just all worked!