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Mila Rose’s Garden Nursery



I was finally pregnant for the first time..I waited 4 long years to get to this place of actually having a baby. In fact, my pregnancy journey led me to finding cancer. I underwent chemo, IVF, etc. and had to wait 2 years before even getting the clearance to get pregnant. Therefore, my little angel was going to get the best room I could possibly design! We waited so long for her :)

I am a firm believer in inspiration and sometimes one accessory or piece of furniture can inspire and set the tone for an entire room. For me, the whole room came together once I found the floral wall decals. I knew from there on that I wanted my little girl's room to be feminine with clean lines, soft, peaceful and calming. After all, I knew I would be in there most of the time exhausted and needing a break! I am obsessed with chandeliers and texture, so I started playing around with different wall accents ..such as the "flower wall" where I hung clear vases filled with different flowers representing different shapes/textures/colors. I love how flowers look against a brick wall. This flower wall became my mission and I searched for the most perfect pieces until it was completed. From there, I chose the chandelier, the perfect neutral white paint color and all the furniture.

My husband and I live in the West Loop of Chicago and our condo is an old loft with 18 ft ceilings and exposed brick and piping. In fact, it used to be an old piano factory so there are some cool features in every room. Mila's room gets a ton of sunlight, so I wanted to do white and cream drapery, because when the light hits it, it looks clean and beautiful. You can make your nursery "feel" anyway you want too by adding layers, personal touches and texture. Also, I kept the bulk of the room neutral and added gold and blush as my accent colors through accessories, rugs, pillows, blankets, etc. This way I can reuse or change the accent color as Mila grows up without buying all new furniture.

Lastly, by the butterfly wall, there are pillows placed on the ground next to the crib. That is where our dog, Layla, has her personal space so she feels included in the baby's room and in the baby's life. It was important for us to honor our dog as we welcomed Mila into the world!