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Celestial Inspired Boys Room


This room was designed for a little boy to update his nursery to his "big boy" room.  The bead board wainscotting, convertible toddler bed and dresser were existing.  My client wanted a "celestial" theme that was not too "themey".  This drove the design in that most (although not all) of the elements of the design were suggestive of the celestial theme, rather than literal.  This is how I prefer to approach children's room design because it allows the room the grow with the child.  Who wants to completely redecorate every couple of years?!

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for the design was, of course, my client's request. And from the beginning, I knew I wanted navy walls. All the other elements of the room would 'pop' against this dramatic colour. The art in the room room was sourced by myself and the client early on and this really drove the direction of the room.  We took advantage of the bead board to add a soft gray to the space and we repeated this throughout.

Decorating Style

Contemporary with a dash of traditional!

Project Details

Delaney Rug

Pendant Lamp

Illuminated Remote Control Moon (on Gallery Wall)

Acrylic Book Shelves

Picture Frames

Drapery Panels and Pillows

Art - Etsy, Pinterest, Indigo Books


Crib and Dresser

Lamp on Dresser

Wall Colour - Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore

Bead Board Colour - Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore



All Photos by Stephani Buchman Photography


Favorite Items

Aside from the navy and grey walls, I have two favourites in this room.  First the gorgeous, handmade pendant light.  It doesn't offer a lot of ambient light, but it is absolutely beautiful and the "celestial" effect on the walls of the room is stunning!  Next, I love the Gallery Wall, which includes a Moon Light that is controlled by remote control and lights up with the different phases of the moon.  So cute! And my little client LOVES it!


Definitely TRY OUT your paint colours using a big swatch or a painted board.  The light in the room really does affect the paint colour.  And don't be afraid to use a dark colour.  Paired with lighter colours, like soft grey and white, it just makes the room so cozy.  Also, using reflective surfaces, like metals and mirrors helps reflect the light around the room.  And use lots of different materials and textures - like the rug, the fabrics and frames. If everything is too uniform, it seems contrived and cold.  Finally, keep the "base" of the room age neutral.  In this room, as 'A' grows older, the rug, the window treatments, the walls can all stay the same.  Even the furniture can grow with him - the bed converts to a head board when he's ready for his big boy bed!

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  1. Hi Asma:
    Sorry. I do not know. My client already had those items.

  2. avatar Asma says:

    Where is the silver star from and the letter A?

  3. avatar Brent says:

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Brent:

    It’s been a while since I did this project, but I would say that I would have specified the that the navy wall as eggshell and the gray bead board would be satin or eggshell. Hope that helps!

  5. avatar Brent says:

    Hi Robbin,
    What sheen (e.g., satin, eggshell, flat/matte) for each of the paint colors on the walls?

  6. Hi Nicole:
    My client purchased this. I think it is from Pottery Barn Kids.


  7. Carly:
    The drapery panels are custom.


  8. avatar Nicole Borgeson says:

    Where did you get the planet mobile in the corner of photo #1?

  9. avatar Carly says:

    Where are the light grey curtains purchased from?

  10. Hi Chyatt:

    The colour is Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore.

  11. avatar Anonymous says:
  12. avatar Chyatt says:

    What color is the grey ? I only noticed you wrote the blue in the description!

  13. Preksha – the wall colour is listed in the description. :-)

  14. avatar Preksha says:

    Room looks great! What color gray did you use for the wall?

  15. avatar Robbin Caskenette Interiors says:

    Hi Jess
    Thanks! The bedding is from an Etsy shop called Woolf With Me.

  16. avatar jess says:

    This bedding is lovely! Where is it from?

  17. avatar Amanda says:

    Oops! Not sure how I missed seeing that link.

    And that helps with the art :-) thank you so much!

  18. Hi Amanda
    The link for the pendant light is above in Project Details. Only some of the art is from Etsy and my client sourced it.
    Hope that helps!

  19. avatar Amanda says:

    Hi! This room is amazing. Do you know where you got the light fixture from? Also was all the art ordered from etsy? Im having a hard time finding it. Thank you so very much!!!

  20. Hi Katie:

    The pouf was ordered from Etsy. :-)

  21. avatar katie says:

    I would love to know where the navy pouf/ottoman is from…thanks!

  22. Teresa:

    The navy blue wall colour is Newbury Port Blue by Benjamin Moore.

  23. avatar Teresa says:

    What is the navy brand and color name?

  24. Hi Christina:
    The rug is from Pottery Barn Kids. :-)

  25. Hi Maren

    The globe is from Indigo ( a bookstore in Canada). Not sure if they still carry it online. The acrylic shelves are from CB2. Hope that helps!

  26. avatar Christina says:

    Yes, where can I find that rug?? Would love it for our nursery!

  27. avatar Maren says:

    Any sources on this room? I loooovvve that globe. I neeeeed that globe. Interested in the acrylic book shelves too.

  28. avatar Sarah Staggs says:

    Beautiful room! I love all the little details!!