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Caleb’s Vibrant Nursery


Changing our two sons' old playroom into a vibrant nursery for our newborn baby.

Design Inspiration

The birth of our new son Caleb - our little miracle was a god send.

Decorating Style

I am passionate about unleashing creativity in children and in a world that passes us by so quickly I wanted to create a room to inspire, encourage play and interaction for Caleb (and his brothers).

Project Details

Caleb’s room is a mix of old and new finds.  Being our last child and the last nursery to decorate I really didn’t want to go all out and spend too much.  We still had our old cot and a chest of drawers from Ikea in need of a makeover.

The Pixel Rug from Happy as Larry Designs or on Amazon was the starting point in designing his room.  I love the grey wall tone we chose as any colour can be paired with it.  This is a colour that will last through the years as his bedroom needs change.

The chest of drawers was an IKEA hack painted in ombre tones.  By just adding black and white to the wall colour paint you can easily achieve the different tones without having to buy many different paint tins.  Hubby attached new handles to compliment the rug and voila – an inexpensive practical addition to the room.

I was super lucky enough to find two old metal trunks on the side of the road many years ago which now pair as a bedside table and toy box.

I am a big fan of really BIG artworks. I do like to paint in my spare time and really wanted to complete a large painting for his room but naturally ran out out time!

One day I will complete a special painting for Caleb and an easy fix to inject some colour and whimsy into his room was an OMM Print from Happy as Larry Designs which I placed in a large IKEA frame.

I made a pretty little night light from a coat hanger, flexible wire and a battery operated light fitting.  Shaping the wire into a little boys shirt I then wrapped the fairy lights around the form.  This idea could be be made into any form or shape you desire and was a super easy 30 minute project.  It gives a lovely soft glow for those middle of the night feed changes!

Little house wall stickers were from 100 Percent Heart found on Down That Little Lane and the cushions from Aircastle create further whimsy and will make for an easy transition to a bigger boy room in the future.

I bought the "Lets Twist Again" print from Shopgirl In Print, plus added a Green Lullaby storage cube and plenty of soft felt storage options dotted around the room from Happy as Larry Designs.


Favorite Items

One of my favourite items is the handmade mounted deer head from designer Hedi and Tiffin.


Utilise a mix of old and new décor items to add both a whimsical yet modern feel to your nursery.


Friday 19th of September 2014

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